Lake Boat

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The Lake Boat is a brand new rowboat only about seven feet long and three feet wide. It is found by exploring around the shore of the Lake and it allows you to venture out onto the lake itself. Once found, it is added to the places menu and you can use it whenever you want to.


  • Marae's island - Several different scenes depending on how and how far you have progressed in the game.
  • Fetish Zealot - Only encountered after the Demon Factory is shut down.
  • Shark Girl
  • Anemone
  • Nothing - You row around for a while but find nothing of interest so decide to return to your camp.

In Game Descriptions

Finding the boat while exploring around the lake

You journey around the lake, seeking demons to fight. The air is fresh, and the grass is cool and soft under your feet. Soft waves lap against the muddy sand of the lake-shore, as if radiating outward from the lake. You pass around a few bushes carefully, being wary of hidden 'surprises', and come upon a small dock. The dock is crafted from old growth trees lashed together with some crude rope. Judging by the appearance of the rope, it is very old and has not been seen to in quite some time. Tied to the dock is a small rowboat, only about seven feet long and three feet wide. The boat appears in much better condition than the dock, and appears to be brand new.

You have discovered the lake boat!