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The swamp is a location in Mareth that is unlocked by choosing to Explore after having found the plains. A dark and stagnant environment with sweltering heat, the champion discovers the swamp by following a trio of will-o'-the-wisps.

In the swamp you can encounter

  • Female Spider-Morphs - spider-girls who may be hostile or not, although the champion can't tell which unless they try talk with the spider-girl. (Level 13)
  • Male Spider-Morphs - spider-boys who may either attack the champion, or offer to talk with them. (Level 13)
  • Corrupted Driders - corrupted beings with lower bodies resembling spiders, they attack the champion on sight. (Level 14)
  • Ro'Gar - A gay male orc who is quite interested in making love to male PCs but is willing to be just friends.
  • Kiha - an arrogant and female dragon-morph who lays claim to part of the swamp. (Level 16)
  • Bog - Discovered by exploring the swamp 25 times.
  • Ember's Egg - Need more info about the encounter change.

If the champion has paid Kiha's toll or has her in camp as a follower, then instead of finding her the character will wander though the swamp and may find one of the following items: