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Lethice is the character planned to be encountered as the "big boss" of the game Corruption of Champions. She waits at the end of the third dungeon in the High Mountain, and will be the ultimate confrontation of the game.

Lethice is the mysterious queen of the demons; almost nothing is known about her save for the fact she is the one who leads the demons on their mission to corrupt all of Mareth, and she is implied to have been the one who led her people to become demons in the first place.

Her actual story however is found in The Chamber of the Last Inquisitor. She was a human queen who turned corrupted somehow.


Lethice is the epitome of all things demonic. From her luxurious purple hair, interwoven with black roses, to her pink skin and goat-like horns, she is the perfect image of sensual, enticing corruption. Tall heels of bone complement her revealing, black clothes. They look almost like a nun’s habit, but pared down to an almost fetishistic extreme. Her slim breasts provide just a hint of shape to the diaphanous fabric, a promise of feminine delights instead of the garish acres of flesh her outfit displays. Outsized wings, like those of a dragon, hold Lethice aloft as she zips about her throne room, gathering her corruptive magics. The strangely slit pupils of her black-rimmed eyes never seem to leave you.



When you pick Consort instead Fight when first getting to Lethice.

Turn into a demon and become Lethice's Demon Champion and conquer Marath before going on to conquer other worlds.


You have to have shut down the factory and have the stone statue's lethicite or Sheila's lethicite to get this option.

You can only pick this before picking any of the sex options after having defeated Lethice. You won't get this option afterwards

This will lead directly to an ending where Lethice is purified of demonic corruption and has gained the power to do so to other demons with the help of lethicite.

Go home

Seek vengeance against your home

You go home and proceed to torch the council in their homes and become a monarch of Ingnam

Depending on the corruption level the ending will differ

  • At 33 or lower you will be consider a wise monarch
  • At 66 or lower you will be a competent but harsh monarch
  • at 67 or higher you will become a capable monarch despite their rapacious tastes. No one dares protest you and question the strange fruits they are given. The village breeds until finally there is an army .

Seek justice for your home

You go home and tell people of the collusion of the council and the demons.

Depending on the corruption level the ending will differ

  • At lower than 50 you send the council through the portal and prevent the lynching of Elder Nomu and banish him instead
  • At 50 or higher you kill the council and let the lynching of Elder Nomu happen

Claim the fort

Purge the land of demons

You decide to remove all demonic taint from the realm.

Depending on the actions you took and followers you have the ending will differ. The actions are calculated as follows (higher is worse)

You start at 0

Event Score
Corrupted Marae +50
Turned Sheila into a demon +10
Left Lethice alive +25
Left the Minotaur King alive +10
Left Kinarial alive +10
Didn't kill the Herm Centaur +10
Didn't kill the Succubus gardener +10
Didn't kill the Omnibus Overseer +10
Didn't kill Zetaz +10
Didn't kill the Harpy Queen +25
Corrupted Jojo +10
Asked the Sand Mother to send out more Cum Witches -10
Freed Vala -10
Recruited Ceraph -5
Stopped the sacrifices in Owca -10
Told Marcus to go demon +10
Corrupted Amily +10
Talked with the Sand Mother -10
Completed Urta's Fertility Quest -30
Fucked a Pumpkin +10
Helia has a child -10
Corrupted Whitney's Farm +20
Kid A's Confidence is 100 and has a weapon -10
Let Holli fully grow +15
Have kids with Edryn -5
Have kids with Cotton -5
Have kids with Phylla -20
Recruited Kiha -15
Recruited Jojo and he is pure -5
Completed Katherine's training -5
Recruited Rathazul -5

People you recruited have to be in your camp (or on the farm in case of a corrupted farm) to count. Katherine's points don't seem to count when you go further than just completing ehr training, which is most likely a bug.

There also will be mentions on getting assistance from or fighting against Marae depending on whether your corrupted her or not.

  • At 0-50 Your campaign is brutal, but you end the demon threat and saved Mareth
  • At 51-100 Your campaign is long and brutal, and takes until your fiftieth year to finish. If Marae was corrupted pockets of tainted land remain if otherwise she removes the small pockets of corruption that your armies couldn't get to.
  • At higher than 100 Your campaign is brutal and lasts even beyond your life. At least the demons can't do more damage and the land that was recovered now can heal.

Conquer the land for yourself

You become the ruler of Marath with help of the demons

Depending on the corruption level the ending will differ

  • At 33 or lower you close the worst factories, allow it to rain again, stop the search for Tel'Adre, and have scientist work on reversing the changes in goblins, harpies, and minotaurs. Over tyhe years you decide to become an immortal demon.
  • At 66 or lower you allow it rain again, ask for taxes for protection against the demons, use slave breaking instead of capital punishment.You need to keep giving out harsher and harsher punishments.Over the years you decide to become an immortal demon.
  • at 67 or higher you use your control over the rains to have it rain for your allies and drought for those whore are not. You use potions and elixirs to remain young and strong.