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Lethice is the character planned to be encountered as the "big boss" of the game Corruption of Champions. She waits at the end of the third dungeon in the High Mountain, and will be the ultimate confrontation of the game.

Lethice is the mysterious queen of the demons; almost nothing is known about her save for the fact she is the one who leads the demons on their mission to corrupt all of Mareth, and she is implied to have been the one who led her people to become demons in the first place.


Lethice is the epitome of all things demonic. From her luxurious purple hair, interwoven with black roses, to her pink skin and goat-like horns, she is the perfect image of sensual, enticing corruption. Tall heels of bone complement her revealing, black clothes. They look almost like a nun’s habit, but pared down to an almost fetishistic extreme. Her slim breasts provide just a hint of shape to the diaphanous fabric, a promise of feminine delights instead of the garish acres of flesh her outfit displays. Outsized wings, like those of a dragon, hold Lethice aloft as she zips about her throne room, gathering her corruptive magics. The strangely slit pupils of her black-rimmed eyes never seem to leave you.


  • Redemption
    • You have to shut down the factory and have the stone statue's lethicite. This ending will not allow you to continue playing afterwards.
  • Go home
    • Seek vengeance against your home
    • Seek justice for your home
  • Claim the fort
    • Purge the land of demons
    • Conquer the land for yourself
  • Consort
    • Become Lethice's Demon Champion