Ampela Grapes

From Corruption of Champions II
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Ampela Grapes
Creators youngpupa
Other Name(s) Amp Grapes
Item Type Transformative
Price 50
Can be Refined? Yes
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No
Version Added 0.5.15

Ampela Grapes is a consumable transformative item. Consuming a dose produces a random transformation towards Satyrs.


A group of grapes picked from vines found in the frostwood. These blood red grapes are crushed into a liquid and fermented, producing a basic wine. On their own they are not recommended to eat due to their bitter taste and seeds. Without a doubt only meant to be wine grapes.


  • Found while:

Quick Tags

The elements under this table are meant to act as a quick guide for those looking for a specific effect for this item.

Raw Balls Body Breasts Butt
Raise to 70 Tone Grow Balls
10" Balls
- Reduce to Flat Breasts -
Cock Cum Face Feracity Head
16"/20.8" Goat Cock - Goat Eyes
Eye Color change
Reduce to 0 Femininity
Raise to 100 Libido Goat Horns
Goat Ears
Get Regular Hair
Remove Antennae
Hair Color change
Limbs Milk Pussy Tail Wings
Human Arms
Goat Legs
- Remove Vagina Goat Tail -


This item will be consumed on use and in doing so, one or more of the effects listed below will randomly occur. If the Champion has all of the listed effects or does not meet the transformation conditions, no transformations will occur from this item. Unless stated, these new effects will overwrite all existing types or tags of a certain body part. Like most transformative items, it can be alchemically infused with a Reagent to allow only the transformations under the Body Target to occur. It should be noted that the Raw body target will only occur if the item is consumed without it being infused with anything.

Body Target Condition Change Reagent
  • Raise Tone by (5)(until 70)
  • Raise Ball Size by (2")(until 10)
  • If has a Real Cock(has a cock that isn't a Magicock)
  • If does not have Balls
  • Grow Balls
  • Ball Tags are none
  • Raw Ball Size is 4"
  • Raise Libido by (5)(until 100)
  • Reduce Cup Size by (4) cups(until Flat)
  • If has a Real Cock(has a cock that isn't a Magicock)
  • If Cock Type is not Goat
  • Cock Type becomes Goat
  • Cock Color becomes any:
    • Cherry Red
    • Pink
    • Red
  • Cock Tags are:
    • Sheathed
    • Tapered
  • If has a Real Cock(has a cock that isn't a Magicock)
  • If Cock Size is:
  • Raise Cock Size by:
    • (4-5")(until 16)
    • (6-7.5")(until 20.8)(has Well Hung)
  • Eye Type becomes Goat
  • Eye Tags are removed
  • If Eye Color is not any:
    • Amber
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Red
    • White
  • Eye Color becomes any:
    • Amber
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Red
    • White
  • Reduce Femininity by (10)(until 0)
  • If has a Real Cock(has a cock that isn't a Magicock)
  • If Libido is < 100
  • Raise Libido by (10)(until 100)
  • Set Horn Count to 2
  • Horn Type becomes Goat
  • Horn Length becomes 6"
  • Ear Type becomes Goat
  • Ear Tags are removed
  • Ear Length becomes 3"
  • Hair Type becomes Hair
  • Hair Tags are removed
  • Only Face Tag Antennae is removed
  • If has Hair(length not 0)
  • If Hair Color is not any:
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Gold
    • White
  • Hair Color becomes any:
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Gold
    • White
  • Arm Type becomes Human
  • Arm Tags are removed
  • Leg Type becomes Goat
  • Leg Tags are:
    • Digitigrade
    • Furred
    • Hooves
  • If is not Pregnant
  • If has a Real Cock(has a cock that isn't a Magicock)
  • Remove Vagina
  • Remove Magicock(if applicable)
  • Vaginally Filled(status effect) is removed(if applicable)
  • If does not have a Tail
  • Set Tail Count to 1
  • Tail Type becomes Goat
  • Tail Tags becomes: Furred
  • Tail Type becomes Goat
  • Tail Tags becomes: Furred