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The full list of background items is not yet available, but will be as the other wiki pages are updated,
hence the outdated category

Items and objects listed here are those that Champion cannot freely interact with or use. They play no significant role to the Champion, but can for another character or place.


  • It is a type of tree that can grow in the Harvest Valley, aside from its lake region. The plain looking tree has mushrooms that grow on it that give the bark a blue color. When the mushrooms are struck, they can release spores in a myriad of colors and patterns. Once the spores have been released, the tree becomes a mushroom-hosting husk and the bark loses its blue color.

Women's Bloom

  • Is the substance that gives the bark of Shroomwood its blue color. Mentioned by Byvernia during her field encounter in the valley, Women's Bloom is used to help a girl dilate wider when she's giving birth, however, the substance can only be extracted when it is boiled with wyvern's saliva for at least a day.