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The main metal used in The Frost Marches, as the region lacks easy access to iron and proper forging techniques. Most of your weapons and armor are made out of this. Being the prevalent metal alloy around the lands of Savarra, it also is a sought-after commodity and a status symbol, thus making the arts of bronzework some of the most lucrative businesses, going as far as dictating the current political state of Tronarii, what with it being led de facto by merchants.


  • Although bronze was replaced by iron in our history, this is hardly due to it being weaker. Quite the opposite without better forging and purification techniques. The main issue of this alloy is the availability of tin, which in some times could be inaccessible and thus people had to search for new hard metals, since copper itself is limited in manual uses.
  • Although the typical color of bronze is as the name implies, it can take on various colors, depending on what is the amount of tin and other metals.