The Pantheon

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Also known as The Seven. The primary deities


Goddess of light and healing. Appears as a voluptuous, dusky maiden with flowing hair of pure radiance. Has a crusader-god aspect, bearing a holy hammer, but otherwise kind and mothering to her "children." She is the chief patron of humanity and fast-breeding races.


A god of nature and primal forces of the earth. Appears as an old tree-like man, kindly and gentle... but quick to anger, and unimaginably wrathful when provoked. Patron of beast-kin and forest creatures.


God of trickery and mischief. Appears as a male kitsune with brightly-colored robes, carrying a bow. He's coy and almost maliciously tricksy. Is one of the most feared gods. Taoth, if he was released in CoC1, will appear to challenge Keros after following Kasyrra between worlds. The PC can choose to help him, or to ally with the more malicious but powerful servants of Keros.


Goddess of death and time. Appears as a dark-robed albino human maiden with a headsman's axe. She is cold but playful. Perhaps the most overtly seductive of the gods, though certainly not without danger. Sworn enemy of the undead, and patron to kings and soldiers alike.


A goddess of flight, freedom, and the sky -- and of the storms. Appears as a resplendent winged woman, glorious in her nudity and carrying a spear, or as a glorious white hawk. Patron of winged creatures.


The god of love and lust, of passion and art and music. Appears as a foppish young catboy bard with flowing dark hair and a solid gold citole. Patron of bards, artists, and lovers.


The goddess of lore, knowledge, and secrets. Favors scholars and mages. Appears as a MILFy naga mage with loose-fitting robes of black and white, carrying a staff and a tome. Patron of magic-users and elves.