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"An interesting race, the Anubians. Dog people with big ears and always-moving tails. Hotter than hells where they come from, but spend any time in their oases scattered through their homeland, and you just may willingly throw yourself into one of the harems and never leave."
—Overheard in a tavern from a far-wandering trader

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Name: Anubian (pl, Anubians)
Sexes: Male, Female, and Shemale
Height: Range from 5’5" and 6’3"
Weight: Much the human norm, even when one factors in their immaculately-presented tails.
Skin: Skin typical of humans, ranging from bronze to a dusky hue.
Hair/Fur: Dark hair colorations are the most common with this race, and their hair is typically interlaced with precious metals and stones.
Eyes: Typical eye colorations of this lupine race are gold and a warm brown, but the normal human range can apply
Ears: Anubians have large, jackal-like ears perched atop their heads.
Lifespan: About 80 years
Maturity: 18 years


Anubians are the exotic neighbors of catfolk in the great shifting dunes of that far-off place. They interbreed often with humans, and are said to have once been much closer to the Lupine race in resemblance than they are now.

The average anubian stands between five and six feet of height, and tend to be lithe. They are almost completely human in appearance, with the exception of a pair of huge jackal ears on their heads and a long, seemingly always wagging, dog tail.

On average, anubian females are slightly taller than their male counterparts, and have typically between C-D cup breasts, with only a few cases of even larger naturally-occurring ones.

Anubian males, stand a few inches shorter on average than the women, and are lean on average. Male members are about the same size as average on a human, however, are generally bright red and tapered like a dog’s, with a thick knot at the base for ensuring conception when lodged in a female.


While fertile year-round, anubian women experience a period of heat one week out of every four, with the males entering rut along a similar cycle.

After copulation, an anubian’s pregnancy will last about eight-nine months before typically giving birth to a "litter" of two-three. Pups are wholly reliant on their mother’s milk for about 2-3 years before being weaned on solid foods.

Having large harems is typical of the race, and the pups are raised to adulthood among many "aunts" or "uncles", and typically enjoy the attentions of many older siblings.


Neighbors to the sphinx-born catfolk in the warm and level deserts of Jassira, the anubians have long lived under the scorching heat of the desert sun, taking refuge in many oases scattered across that desolation. It is said that in ancient times the catfolk and anubians once shared the same empire and gods, but much history has been lost since the godswar, and the jackal-like people have retreated to their isolated paradises for now.

Anubians trade often with the catfolk, and indeed, many catfolk can be found in or even the alpha of an anubian harem. Most trade comes from the harvest of honey and strange desert plants that grow only in the heart of the sands, and are viewed as delicacies by the upper crust of Jassiran nobility.

Society & Culture

There are enough cultural similarities between catfolk and anubians to draw some similarities, but there are some subtle undertones aside from the obvious physiological to separate the two. Almost every single anubian is a part of a social group called a "harem" with a single alpha and their many lovers. There seems to be just as many male alphas as female, and the role seems to be much the same between the two. Protecting their lovers and providing for their children, trading with outsiders, and settling disputes are their primary duties, along with ensuring their bloodline’s continuation.

The anubian’s patron deity is also supposedly their progenitor, a mysterious figure known as Aurera. Symbolized as an extremely tall hermaphrodite that looks to be like a cross between a lupine and a jackal, and always depicted with at least four humans who barely reach her hips. According to legend, all anubians are the descendents of this figure and her human harem-mates and worshippers.

It is incredibly rare to see anubians outside the lone and level sands of their homeland, and are much the source of curiosity and romanticization of others. Beautiful, dusky-skinned jackal-folk, smelling of strange incense; hair bound with gold and precious gems, these tales spread by well-traveled traders and catfolk wanderers.

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Aurera Amina Imad