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{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character
| name = Hirrud
| name = Hirrud
| image = Hirrud GruneLowres.png
| image = Hirrud_GruneLowres3.png
| creator = Savin
| creator = Savin
| fullname = Hirrud Grune
| fullname = Hirrud Grune

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Hirrud GruneLowres3.png
Creator Savin
Full name Hirrud Grune
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Spouse Cat Harem
Nationality Khor'minos
Location The Frost Hound


Appears in the The Frost Hound, where he calls out the Player Character to find his missing Cat Harem. Starts the quest Missing Meows.


If you side with the Cat Harem, you have to fight Hirrud for their freedom. Defeating him results in him fleeing to the hills.