Marked Merk Mercenaries

From Corruption of Champions II
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Faction Details

Hailing from the land of Tronarii, the Marked Merk Mercenaries are an organization founded from the seeds of a smaller group known as the Vongeist Vanguard fifteen years ago by Leofric Vongeist. In Tronarii, the group consisted of multiple companies and actively participated in mercenary contracts. Many mercenaries such as Dale, Janeen and Lieutenant Jen grew up or joined in its early days. After a particularly nasty contract against orcs that lost their cavalry company, Leofric took an active contract for the Frost Marches to take time to rebuild; they recruited a new batch of soldiers and made for the Frost Marches.


By the start of CoC2, Leofric had mysteriously departed and left the mercenaries under Jen's command for a few weeks. Completely out of money and with most of the older soldiers now outnumbered by the younger and more ambitious mercenaries, the Marked Merk Mercenaries have largely resorted to banditry under the guise of aiding Jen's search for Leofric. The player will initially start hostile to the Marked Merk Mercenaries as an attempted robbery victim, leading to them facing Jen and eventually Leofric. After a final battle, the player will decide the fate of the Mercenaries and whether or not the faction perseveres through their hardships to either be reborn anew or fall to the sweeping wave of corruption.


  • The Marked Merk Mercenaries are named as such because of an insistence to change the name to be less about Leofric -- instead, he changed the name to reflect his marked body. To compromise, the mercenaries instead copied one of his less apparent tattoos and used it as a symbol worn on their armor.