Missing Meows

From Corruption of Champions II
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Hirrud gives this quest at The Frost Hound to find his stolen Cat Harem in the Foothills.

The Cat Harem is found bathing and tells the Player Character that they weren't stolen, but are trying to escape from Hirrud. Afterward, a choice is given:

  • Join starts sex scene with them
  • Take Home
  • Help

Choosing "Take Home" has you take them back to Hirrud. [Further research required]

Choosing "Join" or "Help" has you being tasked with getting them armor and weapons for them to help you fight Hirrud (two Apprentice Robes, one Leather Coat, two Quarterstaves, and one Dagger). Returning to the Cat Harem starts a fight with Hirrud. Winning allows you to decide the Cat Harem's fate

  • Take Harem (they happily agree and take up residence in The Frost Hound)
  • Pay for Trip (you give them 1000 EC and they leave, going south)
  • Send South (they leave without the EC)