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Map Ponytails.jpeg
Region Marefolk Village
Accessible from Harvest Valley
Neutral Hub Yes

Written by QuestyRobo

Aunora & Ikora run this shop, offering a variety of cosmetic options for the Champion.



One tent stands out from the others. While there are splashes of color among the rest of the village, this one is decorated far more deliberately compared to the largely drab appearance of the surrounding tents. The material covering the large yurt is dyed into a large mural that flows around the entire structure, extending to the small additional tent attached directly to it. Several extra banners hang around the yurt, each dyed and decorated differently. Clearly whoever lives here has a passion for art or is very bored.


If for whatever reason you thought the inside of the yurt would be any less extravagant than the outside, then you'd be disappointed. The floor is decorated with furs that are colored in the same patterns as the tent outside. The walls are covered in different, colorful paintings, cloths, and various charms adorned with multi-colored feathers and jewels. You spend so much time admiring the decorations that you don't notice the large marefolk woman standing behind the store counter. She stands and watches you, completely silent with a shy smile on her face. You approach the counter, but she remains silent.



"I'd like to get some work done."

"Certainly! What did you want to have done today?"


Growth Stopper Scrub 50 EC
Get Good Facial-Scrub 50 EC
Red Scrub 50 EC
Brown Scrub 50 EC
Black Scrub 50 EC
Blonde Scrub 50 EC
White Scrub 50 EC
Purple Scrub 50 EC
Blue Scrub 50 EC
Silver Scrub 50 EC
Gold Scrub 50 EC
Hair Growth Potion 50 EC
Beard Growth Potion 50 EC
Black Lenses 50 EC
Blue Lenses 50 EC
Brown Lenses 50 EC
Green Lenses 50 EC
Orange Lenses 50 EC
Purple Lenses 50 EC
Red Lenses 50 EC


"Great!" She hands you a small book filled with hairstyles they have on offer along with some painted representations of each. "Just pick what you like. Everything's 100 Electrum."

She gives you time to paw through your options.

Bob 100 EC
Braided 100 EC
Curls 100 EC
Ponytail 100 EC
Rugged 100 EC
Shaggy 100 EC
Short 100 EC
Dreadlocks 100 EC
Dread Ponytail 100 EC
Side Cut Dreads 100 EC
Afro 100 EC
Afro Ponytail 100 EC
Afro Puffs 100 EC
Straight 100 EC
Side-Cut 100 EC
Trim 100 EC
Shave It 50 EC


Short 100 EC
Braided 100 EC
Neat, Long 100 EC
Bushman 100 EC
Shave It 50 EC