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Powers are abilities that can be used during combat encounters, with each class having their own specific set of powers that are unlocked as the character levels up. Nevertheless, powers are not locked by class and can be learned from external sources, as long as the level requirements are met.

There are 4 types of powers:

  • At-Will - Can be used any number of times
  • Recharge - Can be used every X turns (recharge times vary)
  • Encounter - Can be used once per encounter
  • Ultimate - Can be used once per long rest/sleep

The Champion can learn any number of powers but can only equip 5 at a time (1 At-Will, 2 Recharge, 1 Encounter and 1 Ultimate).

Spellpower affects Spells. Attack Power affects Weapons.

Black Mage

Withering Bolt

[At-Will] [Spell] (Level 1)

You conjure a blast of raw magic, hurling it at a foe to deal X (Base damage 20) Blight damage. The bolt explodes on contact, inflicting reduced damage to all other opponents.

Lightning Spike

[Recharge 3] [Spell] (Level 1)

You conjure a bolt of lightning and hurl it at a foe. The target is always struck for X (Base damage 15) Storm damage before attacking its Magic Resistance. On a hit, all enemies suffer X Storm damage.

Summon Flame Spirit

[Encounter] [Summon] [Spell] (Level 1)

You thrust your will into the Aether, drawing forth a spirit of flame to serve you. The spirit remains until destroyed, dealing foes. Its power is based on your Leadership.

Shadow Magic

[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 2)

You flood a victim's mind with illusory pleasure. On a hit against its Magic Resistance, you deal X (Base damage 20) Tease damage, and the target becomes Aroused for 2 turns.

Blight Orb

[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 2)

You conjure a crackling orb of tainted magic and hurl it at a foe. The blast targets Magic Resistance, and on a hit deals X (Base damage 30) Blight damage and leaves the victim Staggered for 1 turn.


[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 2)

You conjure a pool of grease that spreads at the feet of all your foes. This spell targets Physical Resistance: on a hit, targets are knocked Prone and gain 50% vulnerability for Fire for 2 turns.

Ray of Frost

[Recharge 2] [Spell] (Level 4)

You conjure a ray of chilling frost. targeting a single enemy. On a hit, the target takes X (Base damage 40) Frost damage and is left Frigid for 3 turns.


[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 4)

You cause the air around the enemy ranks to burst into flames. This spell targets Evasion, dealing X (Base damage 40) Fire damage on a hit, or half as much on a miss.

Soul Arrow

[Recharge 2] [Spell] (Level 4)

You conjure a blast of psychic force, dealing X (Base damage 25) Mind damage to an enemy's Resolve. On a hit, you recover half that amount of your own Resolve.


Bolstering Dance

[At-Will] [Stance] (Level 1)

You use your dancing to invigorate your allies, restoring 10 Resolve to all allies, then restoring X ((10 + Presence)/2) Resolve and grating +10 Evasion and Mental Resistance each turn thereafter.

Song of Storms

[Recharge 4] (Level 1)

You sing a bardic song to the storm goddess, infusing your weapon or an ally's with galeforce. The target's weapon deals bonus Storm damage equal to your Spellpower, lasting for 3 turns.

War Song

[Encounter] (Level 1)

You sing a song of horror and war, making an attack against enemies' Mental Resistance. On a hit, you deal X ((25 + Presence)/2) Mind damage and inflict Terror for 5 turns. In addition, your allies shake off Terrified and Staggered.

Charm Spell

[Recharge 3] [Spell] (Level 2)

You weave a charm through your dancing, afflicting a foe with unnatural lusts. On a hit against its Magic Resistance, the target takes X ((10 + Presence)/2) Mind damage and becomes Aroused for 3 turns.


[Recharge 2] [Tease] (Level 2)

You put everything on display... and on offer... to any foe that looks your way. You make a Tease attack against every enemy on the field, and on a hit, targets become Aroused for 1 turn as well.

Blinding Beauty

[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 2)

You channel the power of the dryads, becoming so incandescent that all foes foolish enough to look upon you are stricken Blind and Terrified for 3 turns. This ability targets Magic Resistance.

Soothing Dance

[At-Will] (Level 4)

Using your dances to de-escalate one companion's desires, you restore X ((20 + Presence)/2) Resolve and alleviate the Aroused condition.

Song of Splendor

[Encounter] [Tease] (Level 4)

You sing a song of splendor and desire, dealing ((25 + Presence)/2) Mind damage to all enemies when first sung, and empowering the Sexiness of yourself and your companions for the next 5 turns.

Song of Courage

[At-Will] [Stance] (Level 4)

You sing a song of valor, enhancing the Attack Power, Mental Resistance, and Focus of yourself and your allies by X (Presence) for the duration. You and all allies recover Y (10 + Presence) Health when you start singing.


Fading Strike

[At-Will] [Weapon] (Level 1)

You strike from the shadows, a thief's best friend. You gain Obscurement until your next turn and lose half your current Threat, but this attack suffers from -50 Attack Power.

Dirty Trick

[Recharge 3] [Weapon] (Level 1)

You hit 'em where it hurts, making an attack against Physical Resistance that adds +50 Attack Power and leaves the target Staggered for 2 turns.

Smoke Bomb

[Encounter] (Level 1)

You throw alchemical smoke powder, losing half your Threat and gaining Obscurement for 2 turns. All enemies' Physical Resistance is targeted as well, Blinding them for 2 turns on a hit.

Shell Cracker

[Recharge 4] [Weapon] (Level 2)

You try and tear a hole in a target's armor, making a precision strike with +50 Armor Penetration and +50 Accuracy. On a hit, the target's armor is left Sundered for 2 turns.

Shadow Strike

[Recharge 4] [Melee] [Weapon] (Level 2)

You slip into the shadows, reappearing a moment later to deliver a brutal melee strike with +100 Attack Power and +50 Accuracy. You also gain Obscurement for a turn.

Mark for Death

[Recharge 4] [Weapon] (Level 2)

You deliver a pinpoint strike with +150 Attack Power and +25 Accuracy, drawing your companions' ire to your target by dramatically increasing its Threat.

Duelist's Stance

[At-Will] [Melee] [Stance] [Weapon] (Level 4)

You assume a duelist's stance, which grants you +10 Evasion, +10 Sexiness, and a surge of Threat. While in this stance, you make a counter-attack against the first melee attack that misses you each round.

Dastardly Trick

[Encounter] [Weapon] (Level 4)

You make an unsportsmanlike strike that gains a +200 Attack Power and +50 Accuracy bonus. On a hit, you target Physical Resistance to Stun the target for 1 turn, or Stagger if you fail.


[Encounter] [Melee] (Level 4)

You slip behind an enemy and go for the throat with +50 Accuracy, inflicting X (Base damage 100) raw damage and Silencing for 2 turns on a hit. If the attack misses the target is still Staggered for 2 turns.


Guarded Stance

[At-Will] [Stance] (Level 1)

You use your body as a shield for your comrades. You gain X (Max HP x 0.1) Shield HP, and while in the stance gain a +10 bonus to Evasion and Armor and generate 25% more Threat.


[Recharge 3] [Weapon] (Level 1)

You cut deep, striking with a bonus +50 Attack Power. If you succeed a secondary attack against the target's Physical Resistance, you cause the target to Bleed for 2 turns.

Thunder Strike

[Encounter] [Melee] [Weapon] (Level 1)

You throw all your weight into an overhand blow, targeting Physical Resistance with a +150 Attack Power bonus that Sunders armor for 3 turns. On a cit, the target is also knocked prone


[Recharge 3] [Melee] [Weapon] (Level 2)

You whirl your weapon all around you, making a melee attack against every enemy on the field.


[Recharge 4] [Melee] (Level 2)

You claim on of your foes as your for after the battle, slamming into them to deal X (Base damage 55) Crushing damage and leaving them Aroused. This ability generates high Threat.


[Recharge 3] (Level 2)

You let out a warcry, generating high Threat and attacking Mental Resistance of all enemies. On a hit, enemies lose 10 Resolve and are Terrified for 2 turns. Allies shake off Terror and Stagger.

Steady Strike

[Recharge 4] [2Hand] [Melee] [Weapon] (Level 4)

You take a deep breath and strike hard with a two-handed weapon, making an attack with +200 Attack Power and recovering 10 Resolve and 50 Health.


[Recharge 4] [Shield] (Level 4)

You use shield positioning to decide who in your party will bear the brunt of the enemy's assault. Increases the target's Threat, and grants +20 Armor and Evasion. Lasts 2 turns.

Dual Blitz

[Recharge 3] [Dual] [Melee] [Weapon] (Level 4)

You make an attack with each of your weapons against a single enemy with +50 Attack Power each. If you are Frigid, Staggered or Restrained, you shake off these effects with the ferocity of your attack.

White Mage


[At-Will] [Heal] [Spell] (Level 1)

With a gentle prayer, you heal yourself or a targeted ally for 30% of their maximum Health and remove any Bleeding.

White Fire

[Recharge 1] [Spell] (Level 1)

You hurl a ray of burning radiance at a foe. The bolt deals X (Base damage 18) Holy damage, and X Fire damage. A second attack against Magic Resistance causes the target to Burn for 1 turn as well.

Spirit Veil

[Encounter] [Spell] (Level 1)

You shape spiritual power into a physical barrier surrounding yourself or an ally. The target gains X (((10 x (1 + (Spellpower / 100))) Shield HP, +10 Evasion, and +15 Physical and Magic Resistance for the encounter.

Group Heal

[Recharge 4] [Heal] [Spell] (Level 2)

You infuse not just yourself but your entire group with vital energy, restoring 20% of each character's maximum Health.

Entropic Winds

[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 2)

You suffuse the battlefield with chill winds that weaken your foes. You attack all enemies' Magic Resistance: on a hit, targets take X (Base damage 20) Frost damage and become Staggered for two turns.


[Recharge 0] [Spell] (Level 2)

By invigorating your party with arcane energy, you grant all members of your party a +10 bonus to Accuracy and a +100 bonus to Attack Power and Spellpower on their next turn.

Charge Weapon

[At-Will] [Stance] [Spell] (Level 4)

You charge your weapon with argent light, causing it to deal bonus Holy damage equal to half your Spellpower so long as you maintain the stance. On assuming the stance, deal X (Base damage 10) Holy damage to all enemies.

Shield of Light

[Recharge 4] [Spell] (Level 4)

You surround yourself or an ally in soothing light granting X (((50 x (1 + (Spellpower / 100))) points of Shield HP and regenerating Y Health each round so long as the shield lasts -- up to 3 turns.

Smite Evil

[Encounter] [Melee] [Weapon] [Spell] (Level 4)

You infuse your weapon with radiance and make a single attack with +50 Accuracy, dealing an additional X (((50 x (1 + (Spellpower / 100))) base Holy damage and recovering 20 Resolve for yourself and all allies on a hit.


Ranged weapon powers are not part of a normal class progression. They are trained instead, and so far the only one offering training is Leorah. Powers with the [Ranged] tag require that you have a ranged weapon equipped.

Stick and Move

Short name: Stick&Move; [At-Will] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 1)

You vie for better positioning while attacking. Your attack suffers -50 attack power, but you gain +50 initiative on the next turn.

Ranger's Stance

Short name: RangerStance; [At-Will] [Stance] (level 1)

You assume a ranger's stance, heightening your senses to gain +25 Attack Power for 2 turns. While you maintain this stance, you take a -10 penalty to Initiative and Evasion, but gain a +30 Accuracy bonus to ranged weapon attacks.

Wyvern Sting

[Recharge 3] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 1; learned by completing One Man's Poison)

You coat your ammo in wyvern venom, your attack deals [70% total damage] Penetrating and [30% total damage] Drug damage. On a hit, its target makes a Physical Resistance check to become Poisoned and Aroused for 2 turns.

Crowd Control

[Recharge 3] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 1; learned by completing One Man's Poison)

You loose a barrage of missiles at a primary target for +50 Attack Power, and all other enemies for -25 attack power.

Suppressive Fire

Short name: SuppFire; [Encounter] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 1)

You blacken the sky with a hail of missiles, buying time for your allies to act. You make an attack against all enemies at -35 Accuracy, drawing high threat, and grant +20 initiative, accuracy and evasion to all allies for 2 turns.

Nerves of Steel

[Encounter] [Multi] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 2)

You make an aimed attack on your turn. If you do not take Resolve damage before your next turn, the missile strikes with +200 Accuracy and +200 Attack Power, knocking your target Prone.

As the tags and description suggest, this is a multi-turn power that can be interrupted.

Triple Threat

[Recharge 4] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 2)

You make three attacks against an enemy in quick succession at -25 Accuracy. If all three connect, the target is Staggered for 2 rounds.

Crackle Powder

Short name: CrackPowder; [Recharge 4] [Weapon] [Ranged] (level 2)

You loose a missile tipped with conductive powder that targets physical resistance of all foes. On a hit, targets are stunned and gain 100% Vulnerability to Storm damage for 1 round.


Powers not fitting in the other categories, such as those bestowed by items or quests. All item powers so far require both the item and the power to be equipped.

Frost Arrow

[At-Will] [Weapon] [Ranged] (granted by the Whitewood Bow)

Enchant your attacks with winter's kiss, adding 10% of your spellpower as Frost damage. On a Critical Hit, the target becomes Frigid for a turn. Requires the Whitewood Bow.

Summon Kiyoko

[Encounter] [Spell] [Summon] (granted by the Amulet of Union)

You send your will through the amulet you wear, and beckon forth a manifestation of Kiyoko. She will remain until the end of combat or she loses grip on reality, and the manifestation's health and damage are based on your leadership bonus. Requires the Amulet of Union is equipped to use.

Groping Tentacles

[At-Will] [Spell] (Level 3) (granted by the Girthy Rod; equipping the Rod for the first time adds 5 Corruption)

Call forth tentacles from the void to grope and arouse the target. The tentacles target Mental Resistance, dealing (Base damage 15) tease damage.