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Virility Booster
Type Transformative
Base Price 150
Additional Information
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No

Virility Booster is a consumable transformative item. Consuming a dose increases your virtility


Written by ???

A small potion bottle filled with a strange pink liquid. You're not sure of much other than Vaush telling you that it grew his balls tremendously as well as boosting his cum production to ridiculous levels.



This item will be consumed on use. In doing so, one or more of the effects listed below will randomly occur. The item can be alchemically refined with the listed reagents to limit its effects only to that target.

Transformative Effects
Condition Change Reagent/Target
  • If the Champion has balls
  • Cum production is increased
Chestnut (balls)
  • If the Champion has a vagina
  • Wetness is increased
Lush Orchid (pussy)