Catboy Mage

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“Went out to prove that I’m worthy of being a man,” he mutters to himself as he brushes dirt off his threadbare shirt. “And I’m going to do it!”


A type of catmorph.

This young, meek-natured male cat-morph is one of the warriors in the horde of Malice, one of the three agents of Uru preparing for her arrival in Eden. Like his compatriots, the Centauress (FoE) and the Goat Alchemist, he is a particularly eclectic individual who is often found wandering the highlands without the rest of his allies. He can be found alongside his companions as part of the Malice's Minions group encounter.

Teased and picked on by the rest of Malice's horde for his youth, inexperience and submissive nature, this catboy wants to prove himself "a man" by catching a random stranger and successfully raping them. He's... not very good at it. As with his companions, he's clearly supposed to be the same individual, but never reacts as if he recognizes you.



What you flush out isn’t quite what one might have expected: instead of an animal or wild monster, what emerges into the open is a small-ish catboy, perhaps no more than five and a half feet tall. A large hood covers much of his head and hair, the garment having large slits cut out from its fabric to accommodate the catboy’s large, white-furred ears. Bits of translucent mist fall from his fingers, marking him as the one who’d tried to ensnare you with that spell; his simple brown cloak and baggy pants billow in the stiff breeze as he yowls and tries to run away. Unfortunately for the poor catboy, the large belt at his waist with all the pouches and implements - as well as what looks like a pocket-sized spellbook - unbalance him somewhat; he loses his footing, comically trips over something hidden in the grass and plants his face into the ground.

You almost feel sorry for the poor, effeminate guy. Almost. He did try to truss you up with magical bindings on the sly, after all.


  • Petting
    • Handjob
    • Tease
  • Petplay
  • Pity fuck