Malice's Minions

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This is a group encounter consisting of three agents of Malice; the Centauress, the Catboy Mage, and the Goat Alchemist.




Currently, there is no sex option should you defeat the group.

If you lose, there are currently three randomized sex scenes. In the first possibility, the alchemist will drug the catboy and turn him into a hulk-like sabertoothed catmorph, who will proceed to violently rape the player, much to the centauress' chagrin. In the second possibility, the catboy will be bullied into magically binding you, whereupon the goat will use you as a test subject for his automated spanking machine, much to the distaste of his companions. Finally, in an option that only appears for players who have a vagina and who have completely TFed themselves into catmorphs, the goat will drug the player, causing her to dominantly ride the catboy into submission.