Goat Alchemist

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“Hello there! I don’t suppose I could persuade you to take part in a couple of my experiments? ..."



Looking up, you see a goat-morph perched precariously on the rocky ravine wall, completely unperturbed by how high up he is and probably very insecure footing. Two large ram’s horns curve back from his disheveled-looking hair and mane, his teeth look like they’ve got a mouthful of bad breath to accompany them, and he’s clad in what looks like a white smock - or at least, the tattered remains of what used to be one, damaged far beyond any reasonable repair by repeated spills, reactions and explosions.

Most important of all, though, is the heavy belt he wears at his waist. Flasks and vials of all sorts have been stuffed in every conceivable nook and cranny and then some, along with a small bag stuffed with more bombs of the like which had been spent spiraling down at you. You can only wonder just what the vials hold - some of the liquids held within look very much disconcerting - but the most eye-catching bits are a pair of rod-like metallic implements that look vaguely like wands, but you can’t be certain that they’re so…


This elderly goat-morph is one of the warriors in the horde of Malice, one of the three agents of Uru preparing for her arrival in Eden. Like his compatriots, the Centauress (FoE) and the Catboy Mage, he is a particularly eclectic individual who is often found wandering the highlands without the rest of his allies. He can be found alongside his companions as part of the Malice's Minions group encounter.

An elderly , mentally unstable and disgusting pervert, the goat alchemist is also a skillful inventor, whose eccentricity leads to him focusing on all kinds of alchemical and mechanical toys with which to explore his perverse nature. Desperate for new test subjects, he waylays the player's party in order to force them to comply. As with his companions, he's clearly supposed to be the same individual, but never reacts as if he recognizes you.


Because he is too old and crazy to be physically capable of sex himself, and because he is too disgusting for even the sluttiest PC to consider fucking him, there are no conventional sex scenes with this character. Instead, upon victory, the player can choose to make use of a randomly dropped sex toy, and will become the victim of another random sex toy if they lose.

Victory Scenes
  • Grow-It-Big Cream: In this variant of the victory, the alchemist will drop a vial of experimental size-boosting cream. The player tests it out by giving the alchemist his own sit of big, juicy boobs, and then has to make a choice; they can either apply it to one of their sexual body parts, or they can keep smearing it over the alchemist. Applying it to the player's cock will increase its length and girth, applying it to the player's balls will increase their size slightly and completely fill up their cum meter, breasts will grow bigger and increase lust, and vagina will increase vaginal capacity and hip size. Applying it to the alchemist, on the other hand, will result in him growing bigger breasts and wider hips.
  • Doggy Drill Dildo: In this variant of the victory, the alchemist will drop an experimental motorised dildo, which the player can use to rape his ass.

Loss Scenes

The goat will randomly deploy either a:

  • "Tentacle Pet" (a tame slime in a box that rapes the player with assorted slimy tentacles)
  • Spellbook from which he will read a spell that causes the player's breasts to grow bigger and start lacating.