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Centaur mare.png


All of a sudden, your attention is drawn by the sounds of hooves clopping on the road’s hard surface. At first, you think it’s someone on horseback, but as the figure draws closer you realize that your initial assessment was close, but not quite on the mark. It’s a centaur mare, her human half slightly tanned with her equine half a shiny chestnut brown, her long black hair pulled back in a tightly-knotted braid. A quite literal breastplate - it has to be so, to accommodate her generous mammaries - shields her front half; perhaps it was magnificent once, but time and use have worn away the swirly engravings and taken away any shine it might have once had, leaving it slightly dented but functional. Behind that, barding clearly intended for a warhorse, but the thin, overlapping plates of steel have been refitted to suit a centaur better.

In her hand, a long, sharp spear; on the other arm, a buckler of leather and hardened wood. There’s some slight muscle definition to her human portion that speaks of training and experience, but not quite enough to be considered bulk.



This centaur mare is one of the warriors in the horde of Malice, one of the three agents of Uru preparing for her arrival in Eden. Like her compatriots, the Catboy Mage and the Goat Alchemist, she is a particularly eclectic individual who is often found wandering the highlands without the rest of her allies. She can be found alongside her companions as part of the Malice's Minions group encounter.

This centauress suffers from chronic heats of considerable intensity, so much so that most of her fellows have grown sick of answering her demands for sex. As a result, she wanders the highlands, hoping to run into strangers whom she can have assist her in relief. She is so crazed with lust (and naturally brutal) that if her request is refused, she will attack and try to rape the traveler instead.

If the player accepts her offer in the first place, she will surprise them by forcing them to the ground and then planting her equine buttocks on their face, forcing them to orally pleasure her pussy at her whim. If they refuse, a fight is triggered; victory allows a player to have sex with her on their own terms, whilst losing results in her forcing them to do what she originally had in mind..

Although clearly intended to be the same individual each time, the centauress does not react as if she knows you on subsequent encounters.


  • Eat her out

If You Fight Her

  • Fist her
  • Fuck her