Chief of the Nomads

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“I'm the chief, herding these here folks in about the same direction, looking out for their interests, so to speak.”

“So you're the one the elf talked about,” the old man rasps curtly. “Not exactly what I expected.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Chief of the Nomads Unknown Male Chief Unknown Unknown Unknown


You approach the old man. He turns his weathered face and fixes a pair of sharp eyes on you. Fingers strokes his iron gray beard thoughtfully as he scrutinizes you, puffing on the long pipe and spreading a foul-smelling, acrid smoke around him.


  • Nomads (Available from 8:00 - 22:00)


First Meeting
  • Polite

He agrees to let you have a tent, on the condition that when you empower the crystal, that you are to help them travel to another world.

  • Rude

Despite your rudeness to him, he agrees to let you have a tent, on the condition that when you empower the crystal, that you are to help them travel to another world.


He speaks of a monument in Eden that used to be a commonplace for portals to randomly open at. He claims that the monument has inscriptions that would occasionally glow a bright, fiery red when activated with magic.

  • He speaks of Rosalin being the newest member of the nomad camp, after being kicked out of 'the capital'.
  • He speaks of Patchwork, as he tends to gather anything that he can find, and sells them back to people. You, the PC, ask about their gender, but the chief has no answer for you.
  • He speaks of Estevan as being their main huntsman. He tells you that Estevan tends to hunt in the Forest, and to be weary of stepping in one of his traps.


“Learning a new trade takes dedication and experience,” the old man explains. “If you focus and apply yourself, you can eventually master new skills, given that you have the proper knowledge.”

“You may change what your current job - or that of your companions - is at any time. Try talking to the person in question to see what jobs he or she can learn. Unlocking new jobs may require experience, a good foundation to build on. For example, if you aspire to one day become a knight, you need first train as a squire for some time. In addition to that, you must have proper guidance - either with the help of a master or a skill manual.”

“As you gain experience in your current job, your mastery may increase, allowing you to use your skills even if you pursue some other trade. Additionally, applying yourself diligently will strengthen your body and mind. Book learning only takes you so far, you will need combat experience to truly improve.”

The old man puffs on his pipe thoughtfully. “Beware becoming a jack of all trades, a master of none. There are only so many years you have available to you, youngster.”

With that, you leave the chief to his musings.