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"I’m Elodie, handmaiden to the Queen - or rather, one of the many handmaidens to the Queen"


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Elodie Unknown Female Handmaiden Unknown Unknown Unknown


Dressed in a long-sleeved blouse, apron and long skirts all dyed in the royal colors, there’s little doubt that she’s a servant of some sort - her outfit just screams “maid”, although to whom and in what standing, you’re not completely sure.

Judging by the white linen gloves she’s wearing and the headdress lying on the bench beside her, though, you’re guessing that she does serve someone quite important for her daily dress to require such. Neat and clean, but deliberately muted, her attire’s clearly designed to be presentable and elegant without running the risk of outshining any important personages nearby.

All in all, she looks really young - couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen, which only makes her ample bosom stand out on her still maturing frame. A touch of morph blood in her veins, perhaps? A silvered brooch pinned on her breast marks her as being in the castle’s employ which is probably why she’s been left largely alone while waiting for you. Raucous though the local lads may be, they presumably know enough to run the risk of displeasing someone within the castle.

Clearly, she’s felt your gaze upon her, for she looks up and meets your eyes, brushing a few stray strands of rust-brown hair out of the way. You do your best to be discreet in quickly sketching the outlaws’ symbol in the air, then let out the breath you’d been holding when she quickly sketches the three-fingered paw back at you and picks up her headdress from the bench.



Deliver thief tools to Elodie from Vaughn