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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Golem Golem Female Guardian Unknown Unknown Alder


A semi-sentient guardian that blocks your path into the Tower in Rigard.

The boss for the Big City quest.


The golem is a tall hulking figure of blockly stone. It has a glowing eyes and a vaguely humanoid shape.

History/Personality/Information of Note


You can choose to fight the golem or retreat and try again later.


  • Golem Lv. 10/2 HP: 1041 SP: 364 Lust MAX: 271


The party gains 100 experience and 500 coins.


If you lose to the golem the carnal spell within it will activate and it will take advantage of your weakened condition. The golem's appearance will shift into an attractive female form of black obsidian stone and pulsing red veins tracing her body. The golem will mercilessly fuck the character, even growing a cock to do so. The player will be spent and wake up after a few hours seeing that golem has returned to it's passive state as one of the Tower's walls.