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Acquire access to Rigard's castle and speak to Jeanne in order to learn more about the Portal Gem.


Get inside the outer walls.

  • Acquire a pass to enter the city.
Getting A Pass
  • Option 1 - Help Gwendy deliver and sell goods to Rigard.
  • Option 2 - Go on a date with Miranda.
  • Option 3 - Build Reputation with Outlaws.
  • After having met with Miranda and starting this quest, return to the Crossroads and Search in order to reveal the Farm.
  • Befriend Gwendy by volunteering to work on the farm. At a high enough relationship, she will be willing to take the player with her on her next trip to the Rigard markets.
  • The player will need to arrive at the Farm early to take advantage of this. A boss-battle against multiple Bandits will ensue. Upon reaching Rigard, the player will eventually be given a pass, thanks to Gwendy's help.
  • Accept Miranda's invitation to a night out by going to the Rigard Slums and meeting her in the Maiden's Bane at 18:00.
  • Learn about Miranda being a hermaphrodite.
    • Take this revelation politely, or with sexual interest, and then ask her on a date. Give her a successful date (see Miranda's page for details) and she will help you acquire a pass as a thank you.
    • React with negativity to alienate Miranda.
      • Take her on a very successful date to make amends and restore her positive attitude, resulting in a pass.
      • When she is on duty at the gate in the Rigard Slums, she can be bribed into letting the player pass with a humiliating, Sub-increasing act of oral sex, after which she will mockingly assist them in acquiring a pass.
  • Search in the Forest until you find the Outlaws' Camp
  • Build up your reputation with the Outlaws (see Outlaws' Camp for information on how to gain reputation with them)
  • When your reputation is high enough, Zenith will personally give you a mission to deliver a letter to Miranda's sister, Belinda, at the Spitting Lion Inn near Rigard.
    • You must get to the inn by 12:00.
  • Once you deliver the letter to her, Belinda will assist you in getting a pass.
Find a way to get past the inner walls.
  • Meet up with the Royal Twins in the Lady's Blessing. They will give you the Humiliate Lord Krawitz quest.
  • Complete that quest and then return to the twins. They will give you a royal seal that will allow you access to the castle grounds.
  • Go to the castle and defeat the Golem boss enemy to finally speak to Jeanne.


  • Story progression.
  • Access to Jeanne's alchemical services.
  • Access to higher tier Magic jobs.
  • Any relationships built up as part of the questline.