Mixin it up!

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Mixin' It Up!


Learn about alchemy from Rosalin.



Ask Rosalin if she could teach you the secrets of her trade.
  • Speak to the "Alchemist" (Rosalin) in the Nomads camp.

Retrieve the items that Rosalin requested.

You can kill Lagomorphs at the Crossroads to obtain all of the ingredients, or you can purchase some of them (not all) from Patchwork at the Nomads camp.

Return the items to Rosalin and learn how to do alchemy.
  • Return to Rosalin at the Nomads camp and speak to her. She will teach you how to perform Alchemy on your own.


  • Learn how to create potions through Alchemy (combine additional potions with Rosalin to learn how to create them on your own).