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Magic combat/debuff class that specializes in using shadow elemental magic and tactical magical combat.


Class Prereq Job Tier Job Type Resource Learned From
Warlock Mage lvl 3 3 Black Magic SP Jeanne


This job is acquired by learning from Jeanne in her tower inside Rigard Castle after raising your Healer, Mage, and Mystic job levels until the total is equal to 9 or greater. In order for a character to become a warlock, they must have a Mage job level of at least 3.


Name Description Type Target Unlocked
Shade Strike a foe with a bolt of magical darkness, inflicting darkness elemental damage. Attack Single Level 2
Lifetap Convert physical energy into magical energy Attack Single Level 4
Drain Touch Blast a foe with an enervating shadow, leeching off of their life force. Attack Single Level 6
E.Fortune Weave a hex that afflicts a target with bad luck. Attack Single Level 8
T.Vitality ??? ??? ??? Master Warlock Job


Mastering this job will award the character with the additional master ability: T.Vitality.