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Warning! This page details content that has been written and made publicly viewable, but which has not yet been coded into the game! You cannot interact with this character yet!


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Zina Hyena-morph Herm Adventurer "Aunt" Suni (adoptive parent) Unknown QuietBrowser & LukaDoc


Zina is a wandering warrior, a hermaphrodite hyena-morph, originally from the regions controlled by the Free Cities, who has wandered into Rigard as part of her travels. She wants to take a look at the Odd Shoppe in Ridgard, but has been denied access due to lacking a writ. As a result, she is currently hanging out in the Rigard Tavern until she figures out where to go. She is a potential recruitable companion, and an active party member.


Zina is a lighthearted and free-spirited young thing, combining a deep abiding passion for fun with a noble heart and a rather high level of lewdness. She sees herself as a Hero of Justice and eagerly adventures in order to slake her thirst to help people. At the same time, she's also out to enjoy life and deeply relishes the chance to meet new people and make friends. Although very physically affectionate, she is no mere slut; the skills of her mouth are for only those she deems worthy of it, and her ass is restricted to the most privileged few. Her vaginal virginity, meanwhile, is something she's saving until she meets the right person to be her first.


Abandoned or orphaned at birth, Zina was taken in by her "Aunt Suni", a female hyena-morph alchemist from a farming village near the Free Cities. She lived a relatively happy and carefree life, growing up into a cheerful woman with plenty of friends. She was a bit of a trouble-maker, and that led to her unintended gender change when she stole some of her aunt's alchemical ingredients to use for cosmetics for herself and her posse of gal-pals. In retaliation, Suni slipped her a potion that caused Zina to grow a cock; to her aunt's amazement, Zina decided she loved her new appendage and so she decided to keep it.

Having always idolized stories of wandering knights and traveling heroes, and finding life in the village dreadfully dull, Zina dreamed of becoming such a champion of justice herself. To her good fortune, a recruiter for a fighting school passed through her village one day, and her aunt helped her to pay to join. After assorted misadventures that further cemented her beliefs and attitudes, Zina graduated her school and set out to become a wandering warrior, looking to fight the good fight and have plenty of fun along the way.

Information of Note

Zina used to run with a "posse" of galpals in her youth, and lost her penile virginity to one of her fellow female hellions, named Freckles. She used to fuck all of her posse, in fact, but Freckles was her first "girlfriend" before they went their separate ways with mutual affability.

Zina developed her taste for blowjobs when she gave a fellow student at her fighting school a "pity blowjob", which ultimately led to her developing her philosophy about sex.

Zina has absolutely no head whatsoever for liquor. She literally passes out drunk after a single mug of ale, although she does burn it off equally quickly. Thusly, she sticks to drinking milk.

Player Interactions


Zina can be found idling away her days in the Rigard Tavern. She is available at all times.

On the player's first approach of Zina, they will trigger a unique scene in which she will take perceived offense at their realisation that she is drinking milk, resulting in her approaching Barnaby for some real liquor, only to pass out after her first draught. The player will then be charged with taking her to the backrooms for some rest. There, she will wake up and, still half-drunk, will start flirting with the player, attempting to get into their pants. The player can either agree, receiving a unique oral sex scene from her, or refuse. Either way, Zina will then confess she's sobered up, and admit that she's taken a liking to them. Aroused, she will ask them to lend her a hand, revealing her hermaphrodite gender before performing auto-fellatio on herself. Afterwards, she will return to her chosen table at the bar.

On subsequent meetings, the player may chat with Zina about assorted minor topics, or ask to go out the back with her.

The chat option unlocks an increasing array of topics, culminating in the ability to ask her to join the player's party after finding out about her plans.

The backroom option allows the player to engage in oral sex with Zina. Aside from a unique opening, these scenes are identical to those experienced with follower Zina.


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