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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Barnaby Horsemorph Male Bartender Unknown Unknown LukaDoc & QuietBrowser


Barnaby is a gruff, surly and close-lipped individual, with little interest in anything beyond pulling in coins and passing out drinks. He is harsh, but not directly rude, and so his clientele just accepts that he's only here to serve drinks.

At least part of his reasons for being so grouchy may be because his incessant work and his unusually productive testes lead to him being perpetually blue-balled.



Barnaby is the stallion-morph who owns and serves drinks at the Rigard Tavern.


The player can ask Barnaby to serve them drinks, talk about other characters in the Maiden's Bane, ask for gossip, or offer him a blowjob.

If the player purchases drinks, they can buy either Ale, Mead or Spirits, in ascending order of strength. If the player gets drunk, Barnaby will drag them into a backroom and leave them there to sober up; afterwards, the player must either pay him some coins or give him a blowjob as compensation for his guarding their things.

The player cannot talk to him unless they buy a drink first. Currently, he can talk about Miranda and Zina.

Likewise, the player cannot ask him about rumors unless they have bought at least one drink. In deliberate defiance of the cliche, and befitting Barnaby's sour nature, his rumors contain absolutely no useful hints or tips.

Blowing Barnaby is slightly affected by the player's Sex Level, and will increase the player's Slut meter by +1 so long as it is less than 50. It involves Barnaby climaxing multiple times and a randomized visit from either a generic customer or one of the specific clients; only Miranda and Zina are currently supported. A player can earn one coin, if their sex level is 3 or 4, or three coins if it is 5+.