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The Equines are cross-hybrids of humans and horses.


  • Crossroads
  • King's Road (higher level than Crossroads)
  • During Lei's first mission a further pair form part of the mob you fight.


Mare.png Stallion.png


The stallion has a piece of crude leather tied around his waist covering most of his genitals; bits of his black orbs are clearly visible. Despite being covered, the outline of his knob forms around the cloth. His brown coat contrasts against his hair in a strange way.

A muscular, peach-furred female stands next to her partner. A pair of H-cup boobs perk naturally at her chest, covered by a sparse amount of leather tied around her back. Her lower set of lips are covered in a similar fashion, a brown leather thong barely covering her features. Despite her obviously feminine traits, she looks strong and firm. Her long hair flows naturally down her neck, eyes sparkling with a green shine.




PC win

  • Fuck the stallion
  • Fuck the mare
  • Ride him

PC loss

  • Fuck her
  • Threesome