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One of the player's eight main stats, Senses... well, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if it does anything on a system level other than be gated for some actions.

Actions that grant Senses experience include:

-Exploring the Wilderness south of New Ark City (+5, repeatable)

-Holding bar play with Fawn (+40, repeatable)

-Fishing in Abandoned Town (+1, repeatable, only with fishing rod (better chance with worms)

Senses-gated actions include:

-Gaining access to the Abandoned Base when exploring (10 required)

-Reacting in time when Linda tries to push you into the abyss in the Meat Parasite Nest(12 Required)

Items that affect your Senses while equipped include:

Item Name Equipped Slot Senses Modifier
Blindfold Head -1
Booty Shorts Lower Body +1
Flashlight Held +1
Monocle Sunglasses Face +1
Oxford Sunglasses Face +1
Police Hat Head +1
Police Top Upper Body +1
Round Sunglasses Face +1
Scarf Neck +1
Skirt Lower Body +1
Square Sunglasses Face +1
Thick Frame Sunglasses Face +1