Upper New Ark

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The upper crust society above New Ark City. A very uptight place that looks down on obscene things.

Important landmarks: Hospital, College, Gallery

Stores: Luscious Locks, Peacock's Feather, Skin Deep

Things to do

College Classes

Class Name Credits Cost Effect
Social Studies 100 +40 to Empathy Skill
Biology 100 +40 to Intellect Skill

Story Ark Details

Main characters found here:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

Current ways to gain access:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

As of Public 13.1 build the only way is VIA Fawn's Arc

Fawn Arc

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Follow the Fawn Arc up to a point where her apartment door is open

- Go into her apartment and approach the ! mark, choose an action

-Choose to stay all 3 Times when Fawn tells you to leave

-Visit Torture Rack and visit Fawn and do not run away

-Continue until you are prompted to use Safe-Word

-Once you wake return to the Torture Rack Speak with the NPC next to where Fawn Usually stands

-Go to the Black Market in the New Ark Slums and get a Counterfeit Pass for 100 cerdits

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

The pass you want will be random. So keep trying.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

If you go to the Don with a pass, he'll tell you which one to use.

IMPORTANT STEP! Make sure to be wearing Decent clothes, do not be armed with any weapons and have a low Lust. (You may still bring all items in your inventory)

Finding Charles:

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Go to the College and talk to the professors. One will give you a quest.

-Complete the quest, then you'll be able to enter the Gallery party.

-You'll need formal wear to enter. Anything found in the Peacock's Feather store in Upper New Ark counts as formal wear.

-Once you're in, he'll be up near the top.