Sand Witch's Dungeon

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The Sand Witch's Dungeon is the home of a tribe of Sand Witches and can be found in the Desert after you've reached level 4. Once found, it will be directly accesible as a Place. The Sand Witch's Dungeon is by far the biggest dungeon in the game.


(Note: This is a brand new addition to CoC and a very complex location for us wiki contributors to map. In particular, it is known that many of the events in the Sand Witch's Dungeon may differ significantly depending on the PC's corruption level and at the moment all information here are from tests done with zero corruption characters. Please come back later for more info!)


Exploring the Desert you come across a square stone doorway guarded by the Sphinx Sanura. The Sphinx will ask you three riddles. The riddles varies between each encounter If you solve them, she'll let you pass. If you fail, you have the choice between submitting to her or fighting her. You can also choose to fight her right away instead of trying to solve the riddles.

If you choose to fight, she will immediately surrender.

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Cavernous Commons

The first room you enter inside the dungeon is the Cavernous commons.

The first time you enter the room you have to fight a Sand Witch Mob. Losing to them leads to a Bad End.

On later visits the Sand Witches in the commons go about on their own busniess and leave you in peace.

From the Cavernous commons you can go:

  • East to the Eastern Warren
  • West to the West Warren
  • North to the Sacrificial Altar (once you've unlocked the door)
  • South and back into the desert

Eastern Warren


Sacrificial Altar Sleeping Chamber --- Bath Room
(Cavernous Commons) -> Main Hall (Western Portion) --- Main Hall (eastern Portion)
Entrance Cum Witch's Office --- Cum Witch's Bedroom

Main Hall (Western Portion)

The main hall appears to function just as a passageway. It is lined with tapestries describing the history of the Sand Witches.

You can go:

  • East to the Eastern Portion of the hall
  • West to the Cavernous Commons
  • North to the Sleeping Chamber

Main Hall (Eastern Portion)

The tapestries on the walls of the eastern portion describes the earliest history of the Sand Witches.

You can go:

  • West to the Western Portion of the hall
  • South to the Cum Witch's Bedroom

Sleeping Chamber

Seems to function just as a passageway in the game - at least for now.

You can go:

  • East to the Bath Room
  • South to the Western Portion of the Main Hall

Bath Room

Milk bath with various kinky sex scenes with the Bath Girl.

  • You can now speak to the Sand Mother about freeing their slaves. Choosing 'Gimme' and the agreeing to her terms of 2000 gems will see 'Bath Slut' brought to your camp, ironically under the Slaves tab.

You are given a chance to name her, at which point Rathazul will trip over her and comment on her excessive mammaries. He then gives you a new key item, 'Super Reducto'. You aren't forced to use it, but if you choose to, it will shrink her breasts to HHH, allow her to walk somewhat sluggishly and clear a bit of the fog from her mind. A second usage will reduce them to "almost perky" DD's. This will also clear her mind further, granting her more normal speech and you gratitude for helping her. With her breasts now at a manageable size, Rathazul offers her some clothes, which she will now wear outside of Milk Time. She doesn't seem to interact with other camp residents at present. (Needs further testing to see)

You can go:

  • West to the Sleeping Chamber

Cum Witch's Bedroom

Seems to function just as a passageway in the game - at least for now.

You can go:

  • West to the Cum Witch's Office
  • North to the Eastern Portion of the Main Hall

Cum Witch's Office

If you visit the Cum Witch before the Sand Mother, you have to fight the Cum Witch. Losing to her leads to a Bad End. After you've visited the Sand Mother and suggested she bolster the number of Cum Witches, you can visit the cum witch and regardless of whether you've fought her before or not she'll agree to bless you with one of two perks.

You can go:

  • East to the Cum Witch's Bedroom.

West Warren


Nursery Children's Play Room
Main Hall (Western Portion) --- Main Hall <- Cavernous Commons
Pharmacy Lust Room

Main Hall

Seems to function just as a passageway in the game - at least for now.

You can go:

  • East to the Cavernous Commons
  • West to the Western Portion of the hall
  • North to the Children's Play Room
  • South to the Lust Room

Main Hall (Western Portion)

Seems to function mainly as a passageway but you can also find - and have sex with - Essrayle here, provided you have already met her at least once in the Forest.

You can go:

  • East to the Main Hall
  • North to the Nursery
  • South to the Pharmacy

Children's Play Room

Lots of children and pregnant sand witches but, as the in-game description says: "Unless you had planned to rob children of their toys and beat up pregnant women, there's nothing to be had here."

You can go:

  • South to the Main Hall

Lust Room

If you have a penis and your Lust is high enough you can fuck the Sand Witches there

You can go:

  • North to the Main Hall


The in-game description starts with: "As soon as you clear the curtain, you realize there's nothing of interest to you here."

You can go

  • South to the Western Portion of the Main Hall


Here you can find Brown Pills and Pink Pills and also the hidden lever that unlock the floor to the Sand Mother's Throne.

Sacrificial Altar

An altar and a sea of milk.

You can go:

  • North to the Sand Mother's Throne
  • South to the Cavernous Commons

Sand Mother's Throne

You can approach her and talk to her or fight her. Losing to her leads to a Bad End.

You can go:

  • South to the Sacrificial Altar

Unsolved Questions

New as it is, there are still several aspects of the Sand Witch's Dungeon that haven't been explained. Some of the are:

  • The empty rooms- Nine of the rooms in the dungeon have no action (no-one to fight, talk to or have sex with and no items or such to find) whatsoever. Some of them may be just passageways, some may have a narrative function but others are harder to explain:
    • The four (or two) Main Halls may be intended simply as passageways and they also have significant narrative content.
    • The Nursery and the Children's Play Room have sand witches to watch but not interact with. There may be some content yet to be discovered or implemented in these rooms but it is possible they are just intended as picturesque scenarios.
    • The Sleeping Chamber and the Cum Witch's Bedroom seem to have no purpose whatsoever except to add complexity to the labyrinth. There may be some secrets yet to be discovered (or implemented) there.
    • The Sacrificial Altar is perhaps the biggest "empty room puzzle". Surely there must be more to do there than just pass by?
  • Ambrosia - The Sand Mother agrees to distill any Pure Honey given to her into ambrosia, a non-transforming potion with the same purifying effect as honey. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to actually give the honey to her.
  • Harpy Queen - There seems to be some connection between the Sand Witches and the Harpy Queen and it has been suggested that the harpy may reappear somewhere in the dungeon if she wasn't killed at the end of the Tower of the Phoenix quest. So far this hasn't happened though and besides, it is just a speculation. In fact, the connection can be found when you ask the Sand Mother about CovenStatus (one of her Talk options), she quoted: “Really. We have not been idle while corruption rises across the lands. The Great Mother wisely set us upon this path, gathering us, moulding us, and grooming us for the time when we would resurface as saviors. All that remains is to ready those still maturing and wait on our allies to finish growing their numbers. We shall be carried into the Demon Queen’s fortress on the wings of phoenixes, to fight as glorious a battle as has ever been fought!” and since both party are survivors of the Demon's Invasion, both trying to "literally" breed an army for a rebellion, they are very likely acquaintances.