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Butterman's map.png

Location of Butterman's
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

"There's a nice bakery in the city," Julia says with a smile. "Butterman's, it's called."

Butterman's is a bakery on Main Street. It seems popular with the people of Khor'minos, and you can drop in for a baked good or five.

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You walk inside with [party.compNames] in tow, taking in all the invigorating sights and smells. All manner of hot pastries and enticing desserts adorn the racks, just waiting for someone to indulge themselves. There's some wonderfully fluffy-looking bread, too.


If you have Brint or Brienne with you while exploring the Outskirts, a cowgirl named Julie can mention the cakes at Butterman's. If you have this interaction, you can buy your minotaur companion a Cake Slice.

  • Bread: Buy some bread. Looks like a cloud. (costs 5 EC, +1 thickness)
  • Pastry: Buy one of those tasty-looking pastries. (costs 4 EC, +1 thickness)
  • Dessert: Buy something nice and sweet. (costs 7 EC, +1 thickness)
  • Cake Slice: (costs 7 EC)