Shield Splitter

From Corruption of Champions II
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Shield Splitter
Creators Balak Knightfang
Other Name(s) S. Splitter
Item Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Weapon Class 2H (Heavy)
Class Type Melee
Price 350
Has Special Effect? No
Is Unique? Yes
Tags Bladed
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.4.32
Armor - Armor Penetration 30
Accuracy -5 Critical Chance 5
Damage & Resistances
Damage Category PHYSICAL
Damage Type Resistances
35 Penetrating -
20 Acid -


Designed and enchanted to weaken enemy armor, rivulets of acid flow down from the toes of this large, double-headed ax. Electrum runes, meanwhile, line the weapon's cheeks and glow with a pale green light.


Used By

Currently not used by any character.