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Etheryn's bust by DCLzexon.
Creator Savin
Full name Etheryn of House Ridell
Nickname(s) Ryn
Species Boreal Elf (Boer'Alvar)
Gender Shemale
Occupation Falconer
Title Princess
Relatives Alissa (Sister)
Religion Lumian
Nationality Winter City
Location Wayfort

EDITOR NOTE - Page is currently outdated, reworks coming soon.


On your way North past the Old Forest and the corrupted garden you encounter a peculiar sight: a tied-up subby Boreal Elf Princess! Having fled her homeland to find help against her Queen sister, she had the misfortune of falling into the hands of Kasyrra, only saved from worse fate by circumstances. Timid and distrustful of almost everything around her, she yet tries to find her way to the Baroness and call for fulfilment of the alliance treaty between the Frost Marches and her Kingdom. And her trouble only seems to pile up, as you may find out.

Joining her is her trusty and malicious war-hawk, Harrick. Most adorable creature in her eyes, a ball of talons and death to every stranger it meets.


Additional information is available once the Champion has seen Etheryn nude. The following text is her initial appearance text:

Etheryn is a lanky, waif-thin girl of about 5'7 — a bit taller with the help of her short-heeled boots and taller still if you count the long, perky elf-ears sprouting from her head. Each is tipped with a large silver stud, just hefty enough to make them droop. She's got a very pale complexion, with skin the color of fresh milk tinted ever-so-slightly frost blue. Her ice-blonde hair is stringy and thin, cut roughly around her shoulders with her bangs braided and tied around the back of her head. Large, dark blue eyes stare at you with a mix of wonder and fear, and she chews her pink-painted lower lip as your eyes wander up and down her body.

Her figure could best be described as She has neither much in the way of chest or butt, and her hips are quite slender. She's almost boyish, but the subtle rises of her chest beneath her armor are enough to remind you that she's very much feminine, too. You'd guess that she currently has A-cup breasts, and you'd describe her ass as small and perky.

Considering where your eyes are currently straying, Ryn whimpers, but stands at attention for your inspection.

Perhaps her most eye-catching garb is a small leather choker around her neck. It's completely unadorned, but the craftsmanship is quite nice. Someone paid quite a pretty penny to get this elven beauty the nicest collar around, perfectly molded to the contours of Etheryn's slender neck. There's a small metal loop on the front, like someone could mount a tag there... or attach a chain.


Initially, Etheryn is found at Wayfort and once freed will ask the Champion to accompany her to Castle Hawkstone. The Champion can add her to the current party or refuse to accompany her there, in which Etheryn will make her way to the gates of Castle Hawkstone at Hawkethorne. The Champion will be able to recruit her later at The Frost Hound if initially refused. Her usual interactions are:

  • Appearance
  • Talk
  • Hug
  • Sex (available after learning her 'predicament')
  • Dismiss/Recruit


When approached at the inn, she still needs to get used to the notion of being in foreign lands, but if asked, she opens up to you about her life and her people. And a cartload about her sister, the ever-haunting shadow of her mind. Topics include:

  • Her Story
    • (These options become available once the Champion discovers her cage)
    • I Do - It's not hard to look down on the submissive princess after all that.
    • I Don't - You can't blame Etheryn for the depredations of her sister.
    • Don't Care - What happens happens. Not your place to judge.
  • Her People
  • Winter City
  • Her Bird
  • Queen Alissa (once you learn more of her condition via Her Story option)


At first it might seem that she's uninterested in sex, but eventually, you may discover that she very well needs your attention. When that happens, the choices (only available once as of 0.1.9) are:

  • Take Home (if not at The Frost Hound)
  • Fuck Gently
    • Move On - Let's just get moving.
    • Aftercare - Poorthing! She needs some tender loving care after losing her virginity like this...
  • Ruin Ryn
  • Cait Help
  • Ignore Her

She receives a Blue Balled debuff is she has not cum in the past 40hrs (less if higher libido) and would need to ask the Champion for release, Cait can also join in if asked. The options below are her regular sex scenes when at camp or at The Frost Hound.

  • Ball Massage - Gently massage Ryn's sack and tease her backdoor. Perfect for some quick relief while in chastity.
    • Leave Her - That's enough for now.
    • Feed Her - Ryn's made such a mess. Time to make her clean it.
    • Stuff Her - All that cum's gotta go somewhere...
  • Cait & Fuck - Call Cait over to help Ryn while you give her a nice, slow assfucking. It'll make it easier on Ryn to have something soft and wet to munch on during the ordeal.
  • Get Eaten Out - Have Etheryn use her mouth on your quim.
  • Assfuck - Take Ryn's ass for a ride.
    • Tenderly - Take Ryn gently, making sure she enjoys it as much as you.
    • Roughly - Pound Etheryn into the bedsheets.
    • Monstrously - You can't fit your enormous, incredibly thick prick inside the little elf, but you're damn sure gonna try. (increases Corruption by 1)
  • Grind Cage - Put Ryn on her back and ride her chastity cage like a dildo. She not get off on it, but you sure will. (increases Corruption by 0.5)
  • Blowjob - Have Etheryn quench your rod. With her mouth. It's important.
    • Let Her - Allow Ryn to please you at her own pace. Good girls get rewards.
    • Facefuck - Take matters into our own hands and dick the elf deeply. (increases Corruption by 0.5)


  • Powers
    • Frost Arrow
    • EntroWinds - [Recharge 4] [Spell] - You suffuse the battlefield with shill winds that weaken your foes. You attack all enemies' Magic Resistance: on a hit targets take X Frost damage and become Staggered for 2 turns.
    • Group Heal
    • CallFalcon - [Encounter] [Summon] [Spell] - Etheryn summons her white falcon companion, Harrick, from the skies.