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The minoan officer looks up from the palace servants he's speaking with as you approach, waving them off and giving you and friendly incline of his head. A messy mane of reddish hair spills around his shoulders with the motion, sliding off his gloriously polished golden-hued breastplate. "Ay-ah, you must be the Champion — Aurea! The hero who returned this city of myth back to the world stage!"

Captain Livernon is the Minoan ship captain sent by King Kelsaz to sail the champion and their party to Dracia during the quest The Demon of Ice.

Captain Livernon



Livernon busts by Moira
Creators Savin
Personal Information
Relatives Livrea (daughter)
Other Relations Lady Juno (wife)
Occupation Ship Captain
Residence Khor'minos
Location Palace of Ice (during The Demon of Ice)
Nationality Khor'minos
Biological Information
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Tail Count 1
Other Information
Version Added 0.6.0


A few paces away from Elthara, a barrel-chested bullman is talking quietly with a few palace servants. He's holding a plumed Khor'minoan helm under one arm, exposing a mane of messy red hair spilling down his shoulders. His body armor's been polished to a mirror shine, catching the chapel's light in a dazzling way.


First Encounter

You first encounter Livernon in the Lumian Temple inside the Palace of Ice. He will ask you if you are ready to depart for Dracia.


You can interact with Juno and Livernon together during the trip to Dracia. You can talk to them about:

  • Their Careers: Captain Livernon and Lady Juno have no doubt had a storied career together…
  • Juno’s Magic: She said she’s been at this since she was a teenager?
  • Dracia: Do the pair know anything about the island you’re headed to?
  • The Siege: How has the Khor’minoan Navy been handling the siege of their city?
  • Flirt With The Couple: These two are proving to be an extremely affectionate, loving couple. Perhaps you could convince them to include you for tonight…? (requires have done at least two of the prior talks)


When choosing who to bed with for the night on the Vigil, if you have done the [Flirt With The Couple] talk from before, you will have the following options:

  • Mino Couple: Two’s company, three’s a party - spend time with the loving Minotaur couple tonight. (when choosing a bed partner)
    • DP Juno: Eniov a healthy helping of mino-milf milk before you and the Captain plow into the sorceress from both sides. (requires cock)
    • Cock Worship Livernon: Join the sorceress in giving her husband's dick the worship a majestic mino-cock deserves, before he rails you into a quivering mess in his bed.

Quest Related

The Demon of Ice

Livernon captains the ship Auroran Vigil to Dracia.