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| creator = [[Author-The Observer|The Observer]]
| creator = [[Author-The Observer|The Observer]]
| species = [[Marefolk]]
| species = [[Marefolk]]
| gender = Shemale
| gender = Shemale or Female
| occupation = Shaman
| occupation = Shaman
| location = [[Harvest Valley]] (north)
| location = [[Harvest Valley]] (north)

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Marefolk Shaman
Marefolk Shaman Headshot DCL.png
Headshot of the Marefolk Shaman by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Species Marefolk
Gender Shemale or Female
Occupation Shaman
Location Harvest Valley (north)
Level 2
Health 170
Resolve 100

The Marefolk shaman wanders the northern plains of Harvest Valley, seeking to recharge her staff by forcing passers by to engage in sexual activity.


The wild beauty is a gloriously motherly figure, her chestnut skin adorned with all manner of gaudy silvered frippery in the various forms of nature. Soft hazel eyes complement a mane of hair the same color that pours down past her shoulders, held in place by a circlet with a polished onyx set into it. Her almost head-sized breasts sit high upon her chest, supported by her thickset form; her hips and thighs blatantly widen outwards from her waist past the skimpy loincloth she wears until they end in hooves.

In her hands she holds a staff of gnarled greenwood, and it's with this that she directs her elemental spirit — a little treant — to subdue you, while flinging spells of her own. Spells, one should add, of a rather... erotic nature.


The Marefolk shaman attacks the party while venturing north of the river in Harvest Valley.


The Marefolk Shaman will always have a Treant already summoned to aid her in battle.


Attack Power: 15 Spellpower: 31
Sexiness: 8 Armor: 5
Physical Resist: 6 Warding: 3
Magic Resist: 3 Focus: 7
Mental Resist: 12 Evasion: 8


  • Big Tits (G cupsize or bigger)
  • Big Cock (17' or greater)
  • Normal Tits (greater than B but less than G cupsize)
  • Normal Cock (greater than 5' but less than 17')
  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)


  • Small Tits (B cupsize or smaller)
  • Small Cock (at most 5')
  • Small Ass (butt rating of at most 2)



If the Champion is victorious:

  • Fuck Her - Well, if she wanted it that badly, guess you can give it to her, right?
  • Fuck Tits - Those head-sized tits sure look ripe and juicy — an ample valley to bury your shaft in. (requires a cock)
  • Suck Tits - Those huge milky tits... you want to cram as much of them as you can into your mouth.

If defeated:

  • If the Champion has sexable companions
    • Chance to be forced to watch one of their companions be fucked by the Shaman
  • If the Champion has a cock
    • Chance to get ridden
    • Chance for forced breeding
  • If the Champion has a vag
    • Chance for some Tribadism


Chance to drop any of the following:


  • 60 XP
  • 45 EC