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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Fera Catmorphs Female Tailor in training Unknown (Mother) Unknown Unknown


She has large blue eyes and short chestnut hair, brown fur with white spots, and large catlike ears and a tail. She is wearing a very nice looking pink dress with short sleeves and little ruffles along the edges. It is cut above her knees and shows off her slender form very nicely. Her chest is large for her overall size, but it is nothing compared to Miss Nexelle's. Her dress is cut around her ample cans so that her cleavage is clearly visible.



A catgirl who works for Miss Nexelle, the Tailor in Rigard.


  • Miss Nexelle
  • Herself
  • The Shop
  • The City
  • About her mother
  • Touch-Cuddle or Fondle her


The sex options open up as your relationship with her increases.

  • Try on 'clothes'
  • Give oral
  • Get oral
  • Titfuck
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Anal