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“Oh, hello, sir/madam, I am Miss Elaine Nexelle, proprietor of Silken Delights, where we have the finest selection of apparel in Rigard. If you have any questions regarding any of our finer apparel, I would be happy to help you make a selection...” she says with a smile.


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Miss Nexelle Unknown Female Tailor Unknown Unknown Unknown


Miss Nexelle is clearly the owner of the store, and is an assertive and particularly beautiful woman. She has long, curly blonde hair that occasionally covers half her face and one of her brown eyes. She is wearing a long blue dress, one of the finest you have ever seen, made from dyed silk with little frills along the edges. The fine dress helps show off her slim waist and impressive figure, and even more impressive chest. Her dress is cut low around her neck, so that her cleavage is clearly visible.



Owner of the Rigard Tailor Shop. She runs it with Fera.


  • Herself
  • The Store
  • Her Guards
  • The City
  • Fera
  • Fera's Mother


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