Ring of Temptation

From Corruption of Champions II
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Ring of Temptation
Ring of Pure Thot (sm)
Thot Ring (sm)
Type Attire
Slot Ring
Base Price 500
Additional Information
Sexiness 5
Temptation 5
Additional Flags Unique

Created by Runingman69 and Wsan


The Ring of Temptation is often employed by the followers of Mallach to help new priests and priestesses in their teachings of love. The ring's most notable ability is granting the user lustful dreams at an abnormal rate. Besides the lustful dreams, the ring will grant the user the ability to appear more appealing towards most people. The ring features a simple rose-gold design with the most notable part being a blooming flower that sits as its centerpiece.

Silly Mode (sm) variant:

Worn by thots to ensure they have filthy thot dreams. The ring's main ability is granting the user slutty dreams at an abnormal rate. The ring of thot is made of low quality tin. The only notable feature of the ring is an engraving that reads, "Sloot".

Special Effects

Equipping this ring will allow lustful dreams to occur more frequently versus other dreams.