Vision Quest

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Vision Quest
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Nina
Requirements Finished Winter City
Spoken with Nina about her visions
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side
Reward Quest Reward
Location Frostwood
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Writer Credit

The Observer

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Nina about the vision she had Nina, a perpetually smashed harpy at your wayfort's bar, had a vision in which you entered an old abandoned mine in the southeastern Frostwood and brought back something she claims as really important, even if she isn't sure exactly what it is. Whether you believe that her words are any more than the drunken ramblings of a crazy harpy is up to you, but she did say that she'd be grateful if she could get her hands on this important item.
1 Reach the Old Mines It looks like Nina wasn't wrong about there being an abandoned mine where she said there'd be one. Maybe going into its depths and picking up the item she's so enamored of, whatever it is, isn't going to be a wild goose chase after all.
2 Retrieve the Crate Having retrieved this extremely valuable item that Nina mentioned, it's turned out to be a crate of ice wine. Extremely valuable booze, perhaps, but still booze. In retrospect, this shouldn't be surprising given the crazy harpy's priorities, but perhaps it's time to return to her and give the silly bird-brain a good talking-to.
3 Selected No Having returned an entire crate of elven ice wine to Nina, you've been subsequently invited by the crazy harpy to share a drink with her and possibly go on some kind of journey to boot. You have absolutely no idea what it might entail and neither does she, but she thinks it'll take a little while, so you ought to prepare before returning to share drinks.
4 Drank with Nina Answer Gerry's questions as best as you can. An alien entity just wishes to gain insight into how you think — no pressure, man, no pressure at all.
5 Reach the Sluice Gate Convince Ma Siorc by any means necessary to let you into her home and search for whatever it is Nina's looking for.
6 Retrieve Nina’s things from her old home The time has come for Nina and you to embark on the final and most perilous leg of your journey, wherever it may be. Once you're done with preparations, speak to her again and you can be on your way.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


You’ll receive this quest once you speak with Nina about the vision she had of you.

Note: Each companion has unique dialogue at several different points in the quest line. It is recommended that you keep several saves if you wish to experience all of it.

WikiNote: Entry is a work in progress.


  • Antonina
  • Gaerenalahnjukur (Gerry)
  • Ma Siorc


  • Nina will tell you she saw you heading into the Frostwoods, where you find an old boreal elf mine. Inside is an old construct. She will warn you that the most dangerous part of the mines is the large cavern full of holes. Bring a flying companion. On the other side, in a pile of old rotting boxes, is something very, very important, but she doesn’t know what. Wander around to find it. Having Ryn in the party when talking to Nina about this will provide a bit of extra information.

Old Mine

  • [Old Mine] in the southeastern Frostwoods
  • Golem fight - Ryn negates the fight through her bloodline by ordering it to stop, Viv negates the fight by blasting it apart, otherwise you will have to fight an Elven Golem
  • Chasm - Agni & Azzy can fly across, camping supplies also work // check for wing exception
  • Wordlock Chest:
    • An untiring servant, Carrying loads across earth, Yet cannot return to, The place of its birth
    • A: River
  • Crate: Are you finished with everything here? Once you leave with the goods, you won't be able to return.
    • icewine, x30 bottles, mines acting as stashes for smuggling operations
  • Return to Nina, she’ll have another vision
    • Remarks she’s been having a LOT of visions about you recently, as opposed to the 2-3 ones a year that she used to have
    • It looks like this so-called journey Nina's about to drag you on might take some time, especially if it's not just downing all this stuff. You might want to prepare yourself for a ride before accepting her offer of a drink.
      • Yes / No
  • You and Nina will get absolutely plastered on Ice Wine

Gerry the Lureling

  • Nina will take your mind to a higher plane, where she’ll introduce you to a Lureling named Gaerenalahnjukur, Gerry for short, who will proceed to ask you questions in return for helping you and Nina with this vision.
  • Possible questions:
    • Given the finite time we all have, do you believe it's better to hone one skill to perfection, or embrace many skills to a lesser degree for flexibility?
      • One / Many / All
    • If one day you're faced with an enemy far stronger than you, you'd...
      • Endure / Flee / Impossible
    • Do you believe in fate? Are our actions predetermined from the moment of our births?
      • Yes / Somewhat / No / Meaningless
    • You find a dead body by the side of the road. What do you do?
      • Bury / Bury & Take / Ignore
    • Big tits or small tits? Pardon the phrasing, but you must understand that I had to borrow it in its totality, for obvious reasons.
      • Big / Small / Both / Neither / No Answer
    • While traveling, you come across someone you find attractive bathing in a mountain spring. You...
      • Leave / Peek / Approach
    • You have labored most of your life on a masterpiece when you're informed you're fatally ill and have three years left to live. Do you spend your remaining time finishing your life's work, or enjoy what little time you have left?
      • Masterpiece / Have Fun
    • Recently, there've been reports of pirates luring in victims with ruses. While at sea one day, you come across a sinking ship that looks to be moments from going under — any delay could mean lives lost, but it could also be a trap. Do you help the wrecked ship, or not?
      • Help / Caution / Ignore
    • You appear to have taken up a considerable burden upon yourself with this whole demon menace matter. If you could turn back time and live a life of happiness on your own terms and leave your quest to someone else who could complete it better than you, would you agree to do so?
      • Yes / No
    • A member of your immediate family and your lover are caught in a deathtrap, but you only have time to save one. Who do you save?
      • Family / Lover / Neither / Both
    • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
      • Chicken / Egg / What?
    • After answering four questions, Gerry will be satisfied and hint that the quest is to help Nina remember things she’s forgotten. (Something something Ways Between).

Ma Siorc

Another rift opens up and you’ll exit the Ways Between, ending up at one of Nina’s old homes on a sluice gate in the Glacial Rift. Entering the old sluice gate, you’ll encounter Ma Siorc and her four daughters sitting around a pot of soup. Ma will tell you that even if it was Nina’s old home, it’s her family’s now, which you can reply with:

  • Protest: N-now who’s she calling a pot-stuffer?
  • Intimidate: Well, unless she… she wants to be the main in-g-gredient of that soup she’s cooking…
  • Persuade: N-now, how can a fine woman like her be so h-heartless?
    • Whichever you pick, you’ll be able to pick one of the following options as a resolution to this section of the quest.
      • Bribe: Would Ma Siorc and her daughters be partial to some hawks?
        • Trying to bribe Ma Siorc with money won’t work, and you’ll have to pick a different option
      • Barter: How about trading some goods in exchange for prodding around her home?
        • You can attempt to trade some goods in your inventory. Edible goods and weapons will succeed and allow you to continue forward.
      • Sex: Sure, you’re willing to offer yourself up, if they don’t mind letting you poke around a bit… (requires high Presence or Courtesan background)
        • Daughters: Get busy with all four of those siorc ladies.
        • Son: Wait for her son to get home; this is likely to result in you getting fucked.
      • Nina: Know what, Nina brought you here, she can take care of the siorcs. It’s not like harpies are prudes when it comes to any kind of sex anyway, what’s an orgy with four shark-women to her?
      • Sluice: See if you can’t do anything about this gate that’s holding back a whole bunch of water…
        • (puzzle answer: LHLRR)
      • Fight: This is usually how Siorcs settle their differences, right? If you do try this and lose, though, it’ll mean that peaceful negotiation isn’t going to be open any longer.
  • Inside, you and Nina will find a hide-hole stash that she had left when she lived there. Inside is some dried Winterstem and a groin guard. You will get some more lore on the Ways Between, before returning to the Wayfort.


This quest has no current conclusion

Notable Loot and Rewards

If you completed the Wordlock Chest in the Old Mines: Ice Winex9, Brazenberry Alex9, Lustful Liquorx9
Tome of Mind Blast x1