Dire Wolf Spirit

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Dire Wolf Spirit


Uses a Warg bust by DCLzexon
Creator Balak Knightfang
Species Wolf (in life)
Location Old Forest (during I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost)
Level 4
Health 540
Resolve 170
Strengths Dire Wolf Spirit has 2 action points

The body of a once-great dire wolf, preserved by both the cold and the restlessness of its spirit. Its side bears the mark of the wound that slew it originally: a deep gash caused by a weapon of immense weight and power. All the flesh around the injury is darkened, as if left behind by an unnatural blight. It's not unlikely that whatever killed this is also the very reason the wolf still haunted the forest.


It's a wolf! No — not quite just a wolf, for it is far too large and covered in inky tendrils of night to be a mere beast of the forest. This creature's eyes are like bloodstones, bright as coals and full of malevolence, and its jagged fangs slaver with ghastly slobber. The thing's semi-translucent, like a shadow of a shadow. Another specter, haunting this world, the hungering spirit of a dire wolf.


The Dire Wolf Spirit appears once in the game, when Viviane sends you to confront it and gain a spell component for Arona's request. It appears at night, attacking you on sight.

Bad End

Should you lose the battle against the Dire Wolf Spirit, the last thing you see is it bringing its claws down on you.

Combat Stats

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers
Attack Power: 45.0 Spellpower: 15.0
Sexiness: 5.0 Temptation 15.0
Armor: 15.0 Physical Resist: 15.0
Warding: 5.0 Magic Resist: 5.0
Focus: 5.0 Mental Resist: 12.0
Evasion: 14.0 [+]Crushing Resist: 100.0
[+]Penetrating Resist: 100.0 Tease Resist: 100.0
Drug Resist: 100.0 Pheromone Resist: 100.0

Quest Related

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

You will face and need to defeat the Dire Wolf Spirit to obtain Arona's Spirit Totem set.