Corrupted Lupines

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Corrupted Lupines


Corrupted Lupines headshot by Moira
Creator Jstar
Species Lupines (corrupted)
Gender Male
Location Old Forest
  • 3 (Base)
  • 4 (Skirmisher)
  • 233 (Base)
  • 275 (Skirmisher)
  • Version Added 0.4.41

    "You got lucky, [pc.raceShort]! Just know that your pack has to escape us every time. Make a mistake and all we need to do is catch you once." He holds up an index finger and then lets his hand fall to his side. "Rest assured, when that happens, we'll be there to take what's due."

    The Corrupted Lupines are a mob that appear in the Old Forest after you've first entered the Frostwood. Seemingly lupine, they've undergone corruption somehow and are now barely more than feral animals seeking out victims to hunt.

    There's a mine not far from town; used to be Hawkstone Barony's pride of trade. Now, a few crews go up every moon or two to get Ogrish some ore. Nothing major these days. But this last group, they went out a few days back, haven't seen 'em since. And now some of the nomadic lupine tribes that we trade with sometimes — for meat and furs, you know — have come through saying they're missing people, too. Weird shit."


    First Encounter

    [party.Yall] stand in the center of a clearing when something ominous catches the edge of your hearing as it echoes from tree to tree. Focusing as best as you can, you detect the guttural sound of something closing in on your position! Standing fast, you ready your [pc.weapon] as a pack of dark-furred lupines adorned in shredded workmen clothes emerge from the underbrush, ensuring to surround everyone from all angles before rising to their full height with ravenous need in their fiery, canid eyes.

    Once you've defeated the Alraune and met Kasyrra in the Frostwood, you can encounter the Corrupted Lupines in the Old Forest. The first time you meet them, they surround you and your companions and attack.

    If you win, you can choose between their victory sex options or Leave. If you lose or surrender, you are carried away by the Corrupted Lupines. You spend a week being fucked by the pack, before your companions or Brother Sanders arrive to rescue you. This interaction varies significantly in Silly Mode.

    Subsequent Encounters

    In subsequent encounters, you can choose how to deal with their attack. If you Run, you need to pass at least one of a Agility and Strength check to evade the pack. As long as either stat is 8 or higher, you are guaranteed to get away. Otherwise, you are chased down by one of the lupines and fucked before being carried away into the standard loss scene. If you Surrender, you are carried away with variant dialogue.

    • Fight!
    • Run: You'd rather seize the initiative and avoid this fight.
    • Surrender: You have your reasons.


    Drawn closer, you spot the source. Forming a crude circle along the perimeter, a pack of corrupted lupines close in around a dainty black and white-haired half-lupine woman. With quarterstaff in hand, which conjures out sacred flames out from the head of it, and restorative magic applied to herself from her other hand, she desperately attempts to fend off her assailants.

    In a new encounter that unlocks once you've cleared the Winter City palace and Act One, you discover an unattended wagon. If you Investigate you get some loot, otherwise you go straight into the next choice.

    • Investigate: Take whatever you find inside. (gain 4x Vulnerary and 600 EC)
    • Don't: Leave it.

    As you're moving away, you discover a pack of Corrupted Lupines attacking a priestess. You can choose to Investigate, and potentially rescue the priestess, or leave her to be overwhelmed and kidnapped by the lupines. If you Help and win the battle against the upgraded Corrupted Lupine Skirmishers, you rescue Drifa. If you lose, or Watch, you watch as she's abducted.

    • Help: Jump in and help her fend off the feral beastmen.
    • Watch: [Discretion is the better part of valor.|It's her fault she got into this situation, not yours.] The chance of her becoming corrupt will greatly increase from your inaction!


    Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

    Attack Power: 33.0 Armor Penetration: 28.0
    Spellpower: 12.0 Spell Penetration: 11.0
    Sexiness: 19.0 Temptation: 11.0
    Accuracy: 16.0 Critical Chance: 4.0
    Armor: 46.0 Physical Resist: 10.0
    Warding: 29.0 Magic Resist: 4.0
    Focus: 29.0 Mental Resist: 9.0
    Evasion: 28.0 Blight Resist: -75.0
    Pheromone Resist: -75.0
    • All Cocks
    • All Breasts
    • Vaginas
    • Big Asses
    N/A stealable - [+]
    Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

    Attack Power: 42.0 Armor Penetration: 31.0
    Spellpower: 15.0 Spell Penetration: 14.0
    Sexiness: 20.0 Temptation: 14.0
    Accuracy: 22.0 Critical Chance: 5.0
    Armor: 49.0 Physical Resist: 13.0
    Warding: 29.0 Magic Resist: 4.0
    Focus: 30.0 Mental Resist: 20.0
    Evasion: 31.0 Blight Resist: -75.0
    Pheromone Resist: -75.0
    • All Cocks
    • All Breasts
    • Vaginas
    • Big Asses
    N/A stealable - [+]

    Total Gain Per Encounter

    Composition Total Loot
    3 Corrupted Lupines
    (normal encounter)
    5 Corrupted Lupine Skirmishers
    (Drifa encounter)


    If you win against the Corrupted Lupines, you can choose between the following victory sex scenes.

    • Give Oral: Time to assuage your throat with that juicy cock of his.
    • Receive Oral: Have this lupine put his tongue to work.
    • Doggy Dom: Someone is getting bent over. (requires penis)
    • Doggy Sub: [What's the worst that can happen?|This might not be a great idea, unless you want him to have free reign to run rampant on you.]

    If you lose, or voluntarily surrender, you are kidnapped and taken to the cave the pack is based in. One of two scenes procs, where either you're roughly fucked by the entire pack for a week, or you meet their leader Asgeir and are then roughly fucked by the entire pack for a week.

    • SexCaveOrgyCommon: (66% chance)
    • SexCaveOrgyRare: (33% chance)


    You can be impregnated by the lupines if you choose Doggy Sub or get defeated by them. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Generic Lupine Pregnancy for more details.