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Busts of Annika by Lionpaws
Creator Alypia
Full name Annika Rótudóttir
Nickname(s) Anni
Pronunciation Ah-nee-kaa

Boreal Elf

Gender Dickgirl
Occupation Paladin
Title Sister of the Order of the Argent Wing
Seneschal of the Order of the Argent Wing (after The Palace of Light)
Height 6'3"
Bust Size D
Family Pandellin (Father) [deceased]
Róta (Mother) [deceased]
Unnamed Sister (Elder Sister)
Unnamed Brother (Younger Brother)
Unnamed Nieces and Nephews
Religion Lumian
Location Glacial Rift (before finishing LumiaQuest)

"It's been a little more than a hundred years since I took my vows. Long enough to remember a lot of friends who aren't here anymore." She closes her eyes and shakes her head and, after some moments, manages to find her warm, friendly smile again. "But also long enough to develop my skills and spend decades passing them on to younger sisters. That's the part I like best: helping brave women grow into their own."

Annika Rótudóttir is a long-serving elven valkyrie, a frontline warrior for the Order of the Argent Wing. Thanks to the growing strength of Wraith power in the north, and in order to keep them from traveling south, she and her shield-sisters are trapped in endless battles against waves of corrupted enemies. While in the Glacial Rift, the Champion can find her battling against them, and from there agree to help the valkyries find a way to defeat the Wraiths and so free up forces to battle the demons. This begins the quest The Palace of Light, which upon completion opens the goddess Lumia, the other valkyries, and the Lumian Keep for interaction.

After completing the quest, Annika remains in the Keep. Lumia elevates her to the rank of seneschal and asks her to serve as a mentor and guide to the younger valkyrie warriors as they join the campaign against the demons. Although she is capable, she struggles with accepting the new position and feels as though she should be back out in the world fighting to keep people safe with the rest of her sisters.

As Seneschal, Annika is welcoming to the Champion on their visits to Lumia's Keep and insists on furnishing them with hospitality. After accepting her offer to bake some snacks and helping her sort out her feelings about the responsibilities of being seneschal, the Champion can optionally make their affections for her clear. Even in a platonic relationship, Annika is friendly and gracious, but as a lover, she leans very romantic and affectionate. She is only interested in sex with Champions who are serious about a relationship.

Mature and muscular, Annika is an athletic half-sexed frost elf who prefers to pitch in bed, but is willing to catch anally if Champ does the same for her. She mostly tops, either with her penis or with her tongue, but is happy to cuddle or sixty-nine instead, and will even sometimes bottom for a Champion who has a pussy.

"That's the thing about scars, you know. Sometimes they make you stronger. Sometimes they make for good stories that you can laugh about when you tell them. And, well, sometimes they leave you a little broken. Or a lot broken." She gently taps you on the chest. "No matter where the scars are: out there… or in here."


Lumia's chosen, the valkyries, all boast enormous diaphanous wings, and Annika's no exception; the eye-catching magical appendages are the first things that ensnare the eye as you look at her. From where they emanate on her upper back, they can stretch far wider than she is tall, although at rest they remain folded demurely… and no less golden for that. Otherwise (and also so like many other valkyries), she is a very feminine boreal elf, with cool blue skin, loose shoulder-length white hair, and six-inch-long tapered emotive ears. Of all the valkyries you've met, Anni is probably the oldest. With frost elves age is hard to see; her smooth-featured face doesn't offer much of a hint of it, nor do her lively ice-blue eyes. But there is a white scar on her jaw that does speak to a life of combat, and a little bit of weary sadness that sometimes appears in her generally friendly smile.

Now that she's not on the battlefield, Anni's attire is casual in the frost elven way — which means it's barely there at all. Fortunately, that means you have a very clear view of her biceps, shoulders, back, and rock-hard tummy, all of which have the kind of well-defined functional musculature of an agile warrior. A few more white battle scars slash across her arms and middle as well, testaments to the fights she's survived. Practically the only clothing the valkyrie has on above her waist are her golden bracers, detailed with flowing elven lines and resting over comfortable white linen, and her similarly well-decorated top. The latter is little more than a bra, a pair of golden Lumian sun-flare cups to support her D-cup breasts. A golden neckpiece and a large winged-sun icon on a necklace, her seneschal's badge of office, complete the ensemble; all else is taut blue elf-flesh over powerful sinew.

With that said, Anni's a bit more fully attired below the waist. A long white dress, slitted to allow both legs through and decorated with golden patterning, hangs from her belt; its chryselephantine motif, traditional for Lumians, is set off by a few gauzy blue strips of silk that flutter to the side. A pair of ivory-and-gold leggings stretch from ankle to thigh, making her powerful blue thighs visible through the slits of her dress… not that you're complaining. Nor would you complain about how easy it is to see the outline of her gently flaring hips and taut, tight elven musclebutt through the fabric.

Finally, you know that underneath the dress, Annika boasts a thick, footlong elven shaft, complete with a dark throbbing cockhead and a pair of juicy balls. She also has one asshole, placed right between her tight chiseled buttcheeks where it belongs.

As you look over her, Anni's posture, which is normally so upright as to be nearly military, shifts slightly so that she's placing more of her weight on a single leg. With one hand on her hip and the other hanging down by her thigh, she gazes at you with no small amount of amusement. "Distracted?"


Her answer comes back in her lightly-accented singsongy tone: "My, my. We do have ways of solving that problem here."

Or making it worse… in the best ways.


The Palace of Light

Quest Start

Annika's initial encounter with the Champion is a random event in the Glacial Rift that only happens after completing the Abyssal Depths part of the quest Winter Wolf. The party encounters a snowstorm in the Rift, and within it, they can hear and see the sounds of combat and the use of holy magic. They have the options of Investigating or Leaving.

  • Leave - Discretion is the better part of valor. Something like this probably won't go away forever, so you can probably investigate later when you're ready.
  • Investigate - A big fight up here in the Rift isn't something you can easily ignore. If you investigate, you probably won't be able to avoid getting into a battle!

Leaving will reset the encounter, although it will be unavailable for a day after departing.

Investigating will throw the Champion into a fight alongside a slightly-injured Valkyrie against several Wraith-corrupted beasts. Winning proceeds things normally; losing does as well, as the valkyrie simply goes beast-mode and wins the fight single-handedly (or with the help of Champ's companions, if the party has any). After the fight, the valkyrie introduces herself as Annika and says that she's been looking for the Champion on a matter of great importance. After healing the party and finding shelter, she lays out the crisis that has led to the valkyries' current difficulties.

  • Valkyries - What's life like for Lumia's warmaidens, anyway?
  • Cult - You could've used their help against Kasyrra, or against Tollus and the Cult.
  • The Keep - From what she's said, something's going wrong at Lumia's Keep.
  • Lumia? - And the Dawn Maiden herself is doing what exactly?
  • What Next? - Hmm. None of this sounds good at all. What's the plan?

Completing this conversation results in Annika telling Champ where to meet her elsewhere in the Rift in order to meet Lumia herself and continue the Palace of Light quest.

Continuing the Quest

When the Champion visits Lumia's grove, Annika is present to open the way. She mostly just cameos in this scene though, keeping busy by tending her wounds.

Quest End

At the end of the quest, when the Champion leaves the dream and wakes up in the Keep, Annika is present. If the Champion has the Corrupted Dawnsword equipped or in inventory (and thus gets the wakeup scene where Lumia cleanses the sword), Annika greets the Champion effusively, thanks them for their heroism, and introduces them to Thrud and Hjörr. If the Champion does not have the Corrupted Dawnsword equipped or in inventory, a similar event plays out, but with the option to either Hug Annika or give her a Handshake. (The choice exists primarily for flavor.)

  • Handshake - Crisp, cool, professional.
  • Hug - Publicly affectionate and congratulatory in a way that's appropriate both for friends and for people who might want to eventually be more than friends.

Either way, Annika assumes the role of Seneschal of the Order of the Argent Wing and mistress of Lumia's Keep. She tells the Champion that they are always welcome there, and assures them of the valkyries' help against the demons.

Being the Seneschal

Following the completion of LumiaQuest, Annika disappears for a day while she gets up to speed on the duties of a seneschal. After that, she is available for interaction at all hours in the K18 tile of the Keep.

Annika's interactions require doing two "friendly" events with her before getting to her regular talks and, potentially, sex. First, she insists on baking treats as a thank-you for Champ's role in the defeat of the Wraith. During this event, she brings the party to a side room where they can be present while she's baking the almond cakes, asks Champ about themselves and what they've been up to, and even plays host to Lumia for a short time near the end. Although the cakes do come out great, Annika has to leave abruptly at the end of the event to take care of other duties as a seneschal, although she promises to be available an hour later. Champ can separate from her with a hug or a wave; these actions are mostly for roleplaying and do not have a significant impact on her relationship.

The second friendly event occurs when selecting her tile interaction after the appointed hour. Annika is on the other side of the great hall, maintaining her calm and composure while constantly being interrupted by other valkyries. Thrud and Halima commiserate with the Champion about how busy and stressed she seems under the surface. At this point, Champ can choose to help resolve her stress in one of two ways:

  • Talk It Out - Encourage Annika to work through her problems verbally, as a friend. You're sure that, if you want to, you can express romantic or sexual interest later, and you'd rather not do it so suddenly.
  • Sex Relief - Annika needs to get blown. By you. Specifically. When dealing with a dickgirl who has this much top energy, it's the best way to calm her down.

If talking it out, Champ and the other valkyries chat with Annika on the balcony, where she expresses her frustration at not being out there fighting and her struggles with managing the needs of the entire Keep, a much more difficult job than the quiet mentorship role she'd had before. Then, with Champ and the other valkyries providing suggestions, she works through better ways to handle her new position. If relieving her sexually, Champ intentionally teases her into taking control and frog-marching them away from the other valkyries to a side room, where she visibly relaxes and offers Champ the opportunity to show what they can do with twelve inches of elf cock. Either way, she ends the event relaxed, relieved, and more at ease with her leadership role, and firm friends with Champ. She also offers to let the Champ call her "Anni", like the other valkyries do.

Completing both of these events gains Annika's friendship, which is necessary to become a valkyrie and to be able to do her regular interactions, both platonic and romantic.

At Lumia's Keep

From then on, Annika remains in tile K18 in Lumia's Keep and is available at all hours of the day and night.

Annika has...many talk topics. She also offers hugs and is even willing to cuddle platonically. In order to unlock her sex content, Champ must make it clear to her that they are interested in a serious relationship. This can either be done by kissing her during the conversation that happens when returning to her tile following the sex relief event or by cuddling with her platonically and then kissing her, the second of which is a repeatable event that can be accessed at any time (in case a casual blowjob wasn't the way that the player wished to roleplay their relationship with Annika starting).


  • Personal - What's she like?
    • Family - So, how was life for her growing up in the distant mists of the past?
    • Warrior - How'd she end up wielding a weapon in the service of Lumia?
      Requires asking her about her family first.
      There are three potential responses to what she says the first time you have this conversation. These responses are one-time only and exist more to roleplay than to have a significant impact on your relationship.
      • Bright Side - Hey, it could be worse, right?
      • Sympathize - That sounds awful.
      • That's Life - What'd she expect?
    • Relationship - So. You're a couple. How do she and you feel about each other?
      This is locked behind having kissed Annika. It is a one-time talk. The two potential responses exist solely for roleplaying and do not change your relationship.
      • Be Shy - Oh! Oh. Oh my. (Melt into a puddle.)
      • Be Cool - Oh yeah. It does. Now here's your answer... (Flirt right back.)
  • Lumia - Chat about things relating to her goddess, her faith, and her place in the Order.
    • Religion - What's her take on her goddess's worship?
    • Valkyrie - What's her life been like as a valkyrie?
    • Schism - She mentioned that the schism was 'complicated'. Might be worth delving into a little deeper.
      This is a one-time talk locked behind having spoken about both "Warrior" and "Religion".
    • Atheldred - So, Annika's made it fairly clear that she knew Ryn's grandmother pretty well. It might be worthwhile for both elves to talk about it.
      This is a one-time talk locked behind having both asked Annika about "Schism" and completing Specter of the Wyld. Etheryn must be in the active party to discuss it.
    • Seneschal - So you've already spoken about being a seneschal, but only in general terms. What does she do now that she didn't when she was just a valkyrie?
      Locked behind talking about "Valkyrie".
  • Valk Stories - Any less, um, violent tales about being in the Order?
    Locked behind talking about "Valkyrie".
    • Livestock - Blessing actual herds of pigs for elven swineherds. Not pigfolk.
    • Festivals - The fun kinds of religious celebration!
    • Pilgrims - Lots of people travel to holy sites all over the world.
    • Travel - She's mentioned visiting interesting places and seeing exotic things...
  • War Stories - Any memorable fights she'd feel like sharing?
    Locked behind talking about "Valkyrie".
    Completing all of these talks is tracked.
    • Last Stand - Fighting alongside the army of Khor'minos against Wraith-touched.
    • Flight - Chat about valkyries' ability to fly and how that helps them fight.
    • Big Battles - Huge clashes of armies that decide the fates of nations - most haven't lived through any, but Annika's probably seen at least one.
    • Faraway Lands - She left a little bit unsaid when you were chatting about her journey to the lands beyond Jassira. Any war stories in that mix?
      Locked behind talking about "Travel".
  • Philosophy - People who spend a lot of time fighting must spend a lot of time thinking about war too, right? Like, in the abstract?
    Locked behind talking about "Valkyrie".
    • Preparation - How should a warrior get ready for battle?
    • Leadership - Fighting's one thing; fighting while being in charge is another.
    • After Battle - Sometimes the end of a fight isn't the end of a fight.
    • Cleverness - Fighting smarter, not harder, is a good thing, right?
  • Cultists - Any updates on the cultists she'd been tracking before you cleaned the Wraith out of the Keep?
    This is a one-time conversation.
  • Aileh - What does she think about your draconic lover and daughter?
    This is a one-time talk locked behind having seen Annika's event with Aileh and her daughter in the Wayfort.


Annika is a move trainer for a mixture of white magic/warrior skills. She works the same as all other move trainers do.

Valkyrie Training

If the Champion becomes a valkyrie, she can learn the valkyrie at-will and ultimate moves from Annika in two separate scenes. These are unique and vary based on player personality and party members; learning the ultimate changes if Etheryn, Arona, or Azyrran - the Lumian companions - are in the active party.


Twenty-four hours after completing the "Atheldred" conversation with Etheryn and Annika, a one-time talk becomes available if Etheryn is in the active party where Champ can check in on what the two half-sexed frost elves have been talking about together.


If the Champion has a vagina and has kissed Anni, there's a one-time talk available that discusses whether it's safe for her to cum inside. She reassures Champ that valkyries, being servants of the goddess of fertility, can be as safe as they want to be, and that she has no intention of being unsafe unless there's mutual agreement from both partners, something she personally doesn't feel comfortable with...for the moment.


Champ can hug Annika at any time regardless of their relationship - although the hug goes from friendly to affectionate if they're lovers.


Champ can also cuddle Annika at any time regardless of relationship. If platonic, there is the option to kiss her at the end of the cuddle, or simply keep it friendly. Intimate cuddles are only available to Champs who are romantically entangled with Anni and have several branching variations, one of which leads to outercourse.

  • Casual - Just hang out in the Keep's great hall and snuggle. Anni is likely to bestow headpats as well.
    • Leave - You did have a lovely time. (Platonic option.)
    • Kiss - Give your lover a smooch. (Romantic option.)
  • Intimate - Go back to her room and cuddle by the fire, just the two of you.
    • Stay Cozy - You'd rather keep cuddling right now.
    • Lap Pillow - Put your head on your elven lover's thighs, gaze into the fire, and drift off into rest.
    • Massage Her - Work out all the kinks in Anni's muscular body... and do a little worshiping on the side.
    • Cuddlefuck - Tempt the valkyrie into exchanging some cuddly cummies.


This is locked behind having kissed Annika at some point. The first time Champ asks about sex (unless they've already cuddlefucked), Anni puts the moves on and suggests that she top, but leaves it open to different suggestions too. Choosing Meal leads to the "Service Her" scene, where Champ gives her a blow job that can optionally transition into getting vaginally or anally fucked. Suggestions? opens up the "Oral and Fuck" and "69" options for something a little less subby. Champ can also back out with Nope. Subsequent offers simply open directly onto her sex menu.

  • Service Her - If you lavish some oral attention on Anni's cock, she's sure to let you choose where her load goes.
    • Pussy - Standing missionary against the wall - specifically, with your back to the wall, your butt in Anni's hands, and your legs wrapped around your hips.
      Requires a pussy.
    • Ass - Hee hee. Butts.
    • Mouth - Stick with the classic.
  • Oral & Fuck - With a divinely-blessed, fat-dicked, well-muscled elven service top like Annika, there's only one thing to do: get [pc.hasVag|eaten out|your dick sucked, your ass lubed up,] and thoroughly penetrated.
  • 69 - The ouroboros is Nareva's special symbol, but the all-female order of valkyries is pretty good at making it, too.
  • Face Sitting - Take advantage of the mighty valkyrie's weakness for eating pussy.
    Requires a vagina and having done a sex scene that includes Annika performing cunnilingus (Cuddlefuck, Oral & Fuck, or 69)
    • Good Top - Keep riding Annika's face while giving her the release she deserves.
    • Go Too Far - Accidentally-on-purpose rile your lover into taking control and pleasuring your pussy in another way. With her dick. That's the other way. Big, fat elfcock.
      Champ cannot be a vaginal virgin.
  • Restraints - Maybe the big strong righteous valkyrie should tie a bad [pc.boyGirl] like you up and have her way with your pussy.
    Requires a vagina and having done a sex scene that includes Annika performing cunnilingus (Cuddlefuck, Oral & Fuck, or 69)
  • Pitch Anal - A dominant, muscular valkyrie riding you with her ass? You know exactly what you're in for.
    Requires a Real Cock or a magicock, and Annika must have dick-topped Champ at some point (Oral & Fuck, Go Too Far variant of Face Sitting, all varieties of Service Her)
  • Not Now - You don't actually want to have sex with Annika right now.

Other Interactions

  • After the completion of LumiaQuest, if the Champion has started a family with Aileh, Annika can visit the Wayfort to give Aileh's daughter Lumia's gift. Champ can ask about this event back at the Lumian Keep.


  • Annika is about a hundred and fifty years old, making her the oldest living boreal elf in the game.
    • Although she does her best to be a smiling, reassuring mentor figure, the amount of loss she's seen in her life clearly leaks through in several of her talks, both before and after LumiaQuest.
  • Despite being encountered very far into the game, Annika's penetrative sex scenes vary based on whether Champ is a virgin, and her "Pitch Anal" scene differs if Champ has a Real Cock and this is their first time using it. The writer has said that she's still not sure why she did this.
  • Annika is overjoyed if the player chooses to become a valkyrie, and much of her interaction dialogue changes to account for her friend/lover also being a servant of Lumia.
  • Etheryn provides several additional interactions with Anni if she is in the active party. Arona steps in frequently to talk about warfighting during the "Philosophy" talks. Azyrran and Annika trade compliments in the "Valkyrie" talk. Several companions have comments on her various stories of being a valkyrie or a warrior.
  • Annika speaks with a slightly thicker accent than the rest of the elves, sometimes replacing the "ch" sound with "sh". This, along with her name, points up the Swedishness of the frost elves, and indeed in silly mode she sometimes speaks in Swedish.
  • Annika's other silly mode content is very extensive.
    • When discussing warfare, she references modern historians, historical battles and soldiers, and makes jokes about Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian military writer.
    • Her mentorship role, long service, and overall competence are somewhat like those of Lester Freamon, the detective from The Wire, and some of her silly-mode dialogue makes this explicit: making dollhouse miniatures, riding a desk for thirteen years and four months, insisting that "all the pieces matter".
    • Her "Restraints" sex scene includes following appropriate bondage safety to the point of distraction, because this is rarely done in written bondage scenes.
    • When first encountering her penis, Champ can say that it's a giant mushroom, and wonder if it's friendly. Annika responds in the affirmative, and then promises that it'll quench you. It is, in fact, the quenchiest.
    • In the "Sex Relief" scene, Thrud's discomfort with the thought of Annika having sex mirrors Amy Santiago's discomfort with the thought of Captain Holt having sex in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.




Found during the initial encounter with Annika.