Lessala's Adventurers

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Lessala's Adventurers







Busts of Lessala's Adventurers by Moira
Creator Wsan
Full name Lessala, Vicky and Yani
  • Female (Lessala)
  • Male (Vicky)
  • Female (dickgirl) (Yani)
  • Occupation Adventurers
    Location Khor'minos

    "So you're the leader?" you ask Lessala.

    "As much as you can lead these two around," she says with a grin. "I'm just the face of the party because Vicky's a bit younger and Yani's not much for talking. I like to tell people it's just my lupine nature! We like to work in packs."

    Lessala's Adventurers are an adventuring trio you have a chance encounter with in the Khor'minos Outskirts. They're friendly and outgoing, and as adventurers it doesn't take long for them to suggest getting to know each other a little more intimately. They're staying in the city proper, but have been out seeing the sights.


    First Encounter

    As you head through the Outskirts, you come across a group of travellers. Lessala, a warm yet imposing lupine woman, makes introductions; she's travelling with Vicky, a shy and curvy northern minotaur cleric, and Yani, a laconic marefolk who used to be a breeding stud. They ask if you were heading towards a 'side entrance', but brush past if you don't understand what they mean. They've been travelling for a while and you seem decent, so Lessala offers if you'd like to head into the bush and have a rendezvous.

    You can pick a partner and head off, or choose No Thanks. If you do choose a partner, you have a quick tryst before returning to the group. Depending on which companions you brought — generally combinations of Arona, Berwyn, Brienne, Brint, Cait, or Etheryn — they won't have been idle either. The group mentions they're heading into the city and suggest you meet up again then, since you're all good friends now.


    During the first meeting, you can choose a partner from the group to hook up with.

    • Lessala: Fuck the adventuring party's lupine leader, the amazonian woman Lessala.
    • Vicky: Have your way with the diminutive yet full-figured priest, Vicky.
    • Yani: Spend some time with Yani, the muscular she-stud. You're pretty sure she'll want to be on top...