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Wolf Bust.png
A wolf bust by DCLzexon
Creator HugsAlright
Species Wolf
Gender Mixed
Location Old Forest
Level 1
Health 100
Resolve 100


A pack of feral wolves, each one of them seems more mangy and beat-up than the last, with patches of missing fur, dirt caking their mane, and old scars and wounds covering their bodies. They snarl and nash their teeth, foaming at the mouth and seeming as hungry and desperate as any animal. Armed with nothing but their gods-given defenses and weapons, they're more than capable of biting, clawing, and tackling wayward travelers into submission. No doubt these beasts have blood on their minds.


Wolves appear in the Old Forest, defending their territory from all comers after the supernatural blizzard disrupted their habitat.

If the Champion is defeated by the wolves and has a Trail Rations or Camping Supplies, one will be destroyed (Trail Rations first).

If the Champion's party consists of 2 or less members, the Old Forest encounter will produce 3 wolves for the party to fight, if the party has 3 or more members they will fight 4 wolves.



Attack Power: 6 Spellpower: 6
Sexiness: 2 Armor: 2
Physical Resist: 2 Warding: 2
Magic Resist: 2 Focus: 2
Mental Resist: 9 Evasion: 9
Blight Resist: -75 Tease Resist: 100
Drug Resist: 100 Pheromone Resist: 100


  • Bite - Chomp chomp
  • Pounce - GET ON THE GROUND


  • 5 EC
  • 15 Exp

Quest Related

Dog Days

A pack of wolves is the first wave of hostile creatures encountered when looking for Westbank in the Old Forest.


  • On silly mode, the wolves have two different busts.