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You walk for quite some time, roaming the hard-packed and pink-tinged earth of the demon-realm. Rust-red rocks speckle the wasteland, as barren and lifeless as anywhere else you've been.

Possible encounters


  • Imp - The diminutive offspring of demons, these horny creatures attack on sight. (Level 1)
  • Imp Lord - After the player has reached level 8. (Level 7)
  • Goblins - Sex-mad sluts, these lusty creatures attack on sight. (Level 1)
  • Goblin Assassin - After the player reaches level 10. (Level 10)


There is a 25% chance you will explore a new location every time you go exploring until you've found all the locations below. Except the Forest which you will automatically discover on your second exploration.

  • Forest - The first area the player will discover after exploring one time, filled with imps, goblins, and corrupted plantlife.
  • Lake - The first random location the player will discover. A relatively peaceful lake with few enemies. Whitney has her farm by the lake.
  • Desert - Discoverable after discovering the lake. A sandswept wasteland containing most of the few uncorrupted settlements left in Mareth. Somewhere in the depths of the desert lies the city of Tel'Adre.
  • Mountain - Discoverable after discovering the Desert. A mountainous area that looms above the lake, primarily inhabited by hellhounds and minotaurs, though a Salon run by enterprising goblins can be found here where the Champion can adjust their hair for a fee of cum. The Demon Factory is here, its output polluting the lake, but cannot be found until the Champion meets Marae with the lake boat.
  • Plains - Discoverable after discovering the Mountain. A grassy plain that's home to the Bizarre Bazaar and the demon-ravaged village of Owca.
  • Swamp - Discoverable after discovering the Swamp. A murky swamp primarily inhabited by driders.

Specific Locations


  • Giacomo - A traveling merchant selling potions, books, and erotica.
  • Lumi - A goblin alchemist who works for the Church of the Fetish.
  • Helia - Has a chance of showing up and asking for sex when asked to stop having sex with minotaurs and is not yet your follower.