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Imp Bust.png
Bust of an Imp by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Imp
Gender Male
Family Kasyrra(mother)
depending on choice:
The Champion(father)
Level 2
Health 130
Resolve 100


They're three to four feet high, red-skinned demon-spawn with great bat-like wings and curling tails. Some have cloven feet like Kasyrra; others have more human appendages, though all have horns and golden-red eyes. The way they're all wagging their abominably large dicks at you, it's clear their only goal here is a good old fashioned gangbang!


Currently, the Imps are only encountered as an Imp Swarm in the Corrupted Garden after the Champion has dealt with the Alraune. They come in a swarm of 5 if the Champion is lower than level 3. One will be replaced by an Imp Lord if the Champion is at least level 3. If the Champion had fucked and bred Kasyrra during the events of the tutorial, the Imps would be the children of the Champion.



Armor: 3 Physical Resist: 3
Warding: 6 Magic Resist: 6
Evasion: 7 Blight Resist: 75
Fire Resist: 33 Holy Resist: -100



The Imps cannot be sexed after they are defeated for the Champion will have to immediately deal with Kasyrra, however if the Champion were to be defeated by the Imp Swarm, they will be gangbanged by the Imps.


  • 40 XP
  • 10 EC