Missing Meows

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Missing Meows
Creator Savin
Quest Giver Hirrud
Requirements 2x Apprentice Robes
1x Leather Coat
1x Dagger
2x Quarterstaves
Level Range 3+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Depending on choices: 250 EC
Cat Harem
Location Foothills
Timed? No
Can Fail? Yes

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 (failed) When refusing to accept the quest of Hirrud You were approached by the minotaur warrior Hirrud Grune and asked to find his missing harem. You said no. Probably the last you'll see of him and his.
1 If the Champion had accepted the quest Minotaur mercenary Hirrud Grune has tasked you with finding his lost property — the three catfolk women of his harem. He's suggested that they might have been kidnapped somewhere in the Foothills east of Hawkethorne. You'll have to look around for somewhere a band of thieves might hide, perhaps a cave or ruins.
2 (completed) If the Champion had Returned the Cat Harem to Hirrud After finding Hirrud Grune's missing harem hiding in the foothills, you dragged them back to their minotaur master. You've been paid, and he and his slaves have left for greener pastures.
3 (completed) If the Champion had Ignored the Cat Harem You found Hirrud Grune's harem hiding in the foothills. After hearing their story, you decided to let them try and escape on their own rather than bringing them in or becoming complicit in their escape. They and Grune can sort this out among themselves.
4 If the Champion had chosen to Save the Cat Harem from Hirrud You found Hirrud's harem, who turned out to be slaves he's taken by force during his adventures. After hearing their story, you agreed to help them send Hirrud packing. First you need to arm them for a fight: they've requested two apprentice robes, a leather coat, a dagger, and two quarterstaves. Shouldn't be too hard to find common items like these in shops. Once you've acquired the needful, return them to the spring cave.
5 (completed) If the Champion had fought Hirrud and send the Cat Harem south, with or without money You defeated Hirrud Grune at the behest of his unwilling harem, sending the minotaur fleeing into the hills. The thankful catgirls were sent south to start a new life. You doubt you've seen the last of Hirrud Grune, but for now, this chapter of the tale's at an end.
6 (completed) If the Champion had fought Hirrud and took the Cat Harem for themselves You defeated Hirrud Grune at the behest of his unwilling harem, sending the minotaur fleeing into the hills. The thankful catgirls have decided to stay in the Marches at your beck and call. You doubt you've seen the last of Hirrud Grune, but for now, this chapter of the tale's at an end.


Upon returning to The Frost Hound Tavern after defeating the Alraune, Hirrud will ask the Champion to find his stolen women; his Cat Harem.


When hearing the request of Hirrud, the following options may be chosen:

  • Help - Okay, okay, let's find these girls.
  • Nah - This guy's kind of a douche. Maybe his women are better off without him.
    • Refusing to help him will close off the quest permanently

The Champion may find the Cat Harem when searching the eastern region of the Foothills and upon finding them, they seem to be bathing at a hotspring. The Champion may choose to:

  • Command - Hirrud says they respond to brutish commands. Give it a shot.
  • Approach - Try a friendly approach. You don't see any kidnappers; maybe the girls will talk with you?
    • Choosing this optional will open an additional Join option (as well as the 3 options below).
    • Join - Well, if Hirrud Grune's going to try and beat you up anyway, you might as well just enjoy these feline beauties' freely-given affections.
      • Champions with both equipment can choose among to the two, if they do not have both, the corresponding scenes will play if the Champion has the qualified package
      • Use Dick
      • Les Out

Upon talking to the harem, it is revealed that they were forcefully taken and ran away from their abusive master, Hirrud. In which the Champion may choose the following options on what to do with the three kitties:

  • Return - Well, here's hoping they've had fun because it's time to go home now. (Cait will lament this action)
    • Choosing this option will end the quest
  • Ignore - Let the slaves take their chances here.
    • Choosing to Ignore them will also end the quest
  • Save - There's got to be a way to save these poor women.

Having chosen the Save option will lead to the Champion fighting against Hirrud, however, the cat harem would like to help, so the first task would be to arm them. The items required are:

A total of 410 EC if the Champion were to purchase all items

Upon returning to the cats (where the Champion first found them) with the requested gear in tow, they will thank the Champion for their effort and offer a dip (and more) before heading off to fight Hirrud. The Champion may:

  • Join - If they're freely offering, you're more than happy to take the kitties up on their offer...
    • Similar to the one above, Champs with both get to choose, scene will auto-proceed with qualified equipment if not
    • Use Dick
    • Les Out
  • Don't - You'll just wait for the catgirls outside...
    • Despite the Champion's decision, Arona, Cait and Brint (if any are present) will join the kitties on their offer

When preparations are complete, the trio and party will proceed to Hawkethorne and publicly challenge Hirrud for their freedom. Thanks to their new equipment, they will be able to damage Hirrud by 25% of his max HP. If the Champion were to be defeated by Hirrud, it will result in an immediate death and bad end by the hands of Hirrud. If the Champion were able to bring Hirrud to 25% remaining health, he will escape using a smoke bomb. When the smoke clears, the kitty trio breath a sight of relief and thank the Champion for helping them fight for their freedom. The next question would be what to do with the now-free kitty trio, the Champion may:

  • TakeHarem - Accept the harem-kitties into your charge. They may still be playthings, but they'll find you a much more pleasurable master/mistress to serve...
  • Give Coin - Give the catgirls 1,000 electrum pieces — more than enough to book safe passage south and set up a new life for themselves. (reduces Corruption by 5)
    • requires the Champion to have at least 1000 EC
  • Send South

If the Champion decided to take the harem for themselves, the trio will willingly and happily submit to the Champion. They can be found in The Frost Hound under the Guests option; Harem Cats.


If the Champion chose to aid the Cat Harem, they will have to fight a damaged Hirrud


If the Champion had fought and won against Hirrud, he will drop:


If the Champion had returned the harem to Hirrud

  • 250 EC

If the Champion had decided to take the Cat Harem