Bronze Greaves

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Bronze Greaves
Item Type Attire
Slot Feet
Price 60
Has Special Effect? No
Is Unique? No
Tags Heavy
Stack Limit 1
Version Added Since the start
Changelog 0.6.29
Renamed from Iron to Bronze
Armor 5 Armor Penetration -
Damage & Resistances
Damage Type Resistances
- Physical 3


Metal plates strapped to your legs will keep you safe from low blows, but they're comparatively heavy and cumbersome next to the leather boots more common on the frontier.


Used By

Azyrran Moira WikiHeadshot.png Calise-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png Elexis-AnonArts-Headshot.png Hashat Moira WikiHeadshot.png Hirrud DCL WikiHeadshot.png IncubusBlackguard-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png
Calise Elexis Hashat Hirrud Incubus Blackguard
JarlGunvaldsen DCL WikiHeadshot.png Liaden-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png LieutenantJen-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png OrcThane DCL WikiHeadshot.png QueenAlissa DCL WikiHeadshot.png QueenAtheldred Moira WikiHeadshot.png
Jarl Gunvaldsen Liaden Lieutenant Jen Orc Thane Queen Alissa Queen Atheldred
Queen Nyzerrah Moira WikiHeadshot.png Sandre-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png
Queen Nyzerrah Sandre