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Specific Locations

Specific locations in Corruption of Champions include cities, dungeons, and individual buildings. Most of these are accessible from the "Places" menu in game.


The player's campsite starts off as a fairly basic location, but gradually evolves into a fairly complex community as the game progresses.

Night Encounters

If no one is told to guard the camp

  • Worms
  • Tamani's Daughters
  • Imp gang


Locations Under the Places Menu

These places are unlocked while exploring various landscapes and added to the "Places" menu once they have been found.

  • Bazaar (Bizarre Bazaar) - Found on the Plains, the Bazaar is a settlement formed from a ring of brightly colored wagons. You need a Corruption of 33 or more to enter it the first time but you can return later even if your Corruption drops below the limit.
  • Boat - Found by the Lake, the boat allows for exploration of the Lake itself. One of the few places with combat encounters.
  • Cathedral - Home of the Gargoyle
  • Dungeons - this is a sub-menu that contains Lethice’s Stronghold, Deep Cave, Demon Factory, and Desert Cave
  • Farm (Whitney's Farm) - Unlocked by meeting Whitney three times while exploring the Lake. It is home to Marble the cow-girl and Kelt the centaur.
  • Owca - Also known as the 'Gang-bang Village'. Found on the Plains. Rebecc can be found here.
  • Salon - Found in the Mountain. A salon run by the goblin Lynnette who accepts payment in cum.
  • Tel'Adre - Found in the Desert early in the game. Tel'Adre is a city that includes multiple shops. It cannot be entered by character who have Corruption over 70 or are possessed by Exgartuan unless you've already visited the city earlier.
  • Town Ruins - Found by the Lake, the ruined home of Amily.

Locations Accessible Only Once

These places are visited only once, and are usually part of a quest

  • The Chamber of the Last Inquisitor - Encountered in the Swamp, once you take the item within you never encounter it again.
  • Taoth's shrine - The goal of Urta's quest.
  • Tower of the Phoenix - located in the High Mountain but only accessible as part of Helia's Quest.
  • Dragon's Cave - The cave in the Swamp where you stumble across the "Ember egg".
  • Minotaur Village - If you get there it's Game Over and you've lost. (Only happens if you're addicted to Minotaur Cum and explore the Mountain.)

Other Locations

Some specific places found while visiting the various landscapes are not added to the "Places" menu but reappear at random or regular intervals:

  • Anthill - Home of Phylla and other ant-morphs. Found at random intervals in the Desert after your first encoutner with Phylla.
  • The Cathedral - Home of the Gargoyle. Found at random intervals with the "Explore" button.
  • Corrupted Glades - Not really one single place - apparently there are several corrupted glades scattered all over the Forest and the Deepwoods. In addition to the regular scene, the trapped satyr scene also takes place at a corrupted glade.
  • Kitsune's mansion - The home of the three Forest Kitsunes. Found if you meet a kitsune in the Deepwoods and choose to follow her home.
  • Kitsune Shrine - Unlocked after multiple turns in Deepwoods. An abandoned kitsune shrine.
  • Lumi's lab - Found at random intervals with the "Explore" button.
  • The Oasis Tower - Minerva's home. Encountered every 8th visit to the High Mountain.
  • Ro'Gar's hut - Found at random intervals in the Swamp until Ro'Gar moves to Tel'Adre.