The Frost Hound

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The Frost Hound Tavern
Region Hawkethorne
Level range 1+
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Leads to Hawkethorne Nursery
Neutral Hub Yes



You're standing outside the Frost Hound Tavern, the heart and soul of Hawkethorne village. At two stories, the building is the tallest around save the nearby temple, leaning slightly over the street; behind it, you can see a small cabin belonging to the owner with a little chicken coop tucked between them. Over the heavy door swings a wooden sign of a big, powerful wolf carrying a dagger in its mouth.


The Frost Hound Tavern, home away from home here in the northlands. The place is small but cozy, with several tables sandwiched between a roaring hearthfire and a bar so polished that it shines. Sawdust coats the wooden floor, soaking up spilled drinks. Behind the bar are racks and racks of ales and lagers — hearty drinks for a hearty people. Garth, the grizzled grey-furred lupine owner, stands behind the bar in his usual place, wiping off mugs or carting out drinks to his handful of patrons.

The Frost Hound serves as the current home for the Champion and any Companions that the Champion may come across






Take a rest for the day, doing so will advance time until 8:00. Sleeping will also allow a chance for Dreams to occur. If the Champion or any present party member has exceeded their current experience gauge, they will level up upon waking the next day. If the Champion has the Amulet of Transference or Amulet of Union equipped upon sleeping, they will be transported to the Astral Plane where Kiyoko currently resides.


Items can be saved and stored here, its base capacity is 10

  • Capacity can be increased by 10 through purchasing the Storage upgrade from Garth for 50EC. This can only be done once, but an additional capacity of 10 can be acquired by retrieving a chest from the Ruined Wayfort, after defeating the Alraune.


The following drinks can be purchased from Garth under his Drinks option. While a consumable substance, the following items cannot be stored into the Champion's inventory and are consumed instantly when purchased or acquired. Each drink costs 10 EC. On consumption of the drink, the Champion will receive a Boon of the corresponding name.

Name Function Description Note
Apple Cider Maximizes Agility A sugary sweet cider that's plentiful in the fertile mountain valleys. Keeps you quick and alert, even when battered down by the ever-present snow and the long winter nights. The effects of alcohol last for 1 hour. Consuming 3 alcoholic drinks within the span of an hour will cause the Champion to become drunk and blackout in which the Champion may lose a few EC
Honey Mead Maximizes Cunning A sweet mead cultivated from honey, this drink is particularly popular here in the north where it's more difficult to grow grapes. Folk wisdom says a draught a day's good for the mind.
Lover's Dry Maximizes Presence A dry, light beer made by the minotaurs of the eastern mountains to get drunk slowly, letting lovers take their time getting to know one another... and pay for a few more beers.
Monastery Ale Maximizes Willpower A dark ale brewed by monks at the Monastery of the Tree Father far to the south. The initiates drink to to steel their nerves and focus their will before rituals.
Rye Beer Maximizes Strength The common drink of peasants and laborers, beer is cheap and easy to make, and frequently consumed to fortify yourself for hard work or battle ahead.
Spiced Wine Maximizes Toughness Imported wine heated and spiced to perfection. A favored drink of the nobility, thought to be excellent for your health in the cold north.